eBay Cross Site A Bitter Bite


Dear eBay, you should have known better. In this story eBay has not made only one, but actually two serious mistakes. The first one was nothing to do about the cross-site scripting (XSS) weakness. That was something used by the phishers in the worst case scenario for the eBay users themselves.

You were using eBay without a single thought that a current page has been hosted elsewhere. Your login data were given away voluntarily without any awareness about the phisher’s trap. So, what was the second mistake? As soon as this trouble was identified by an IT worker the eBay reacted.

This worker has reported this incident and eBay official response to the BBC. Then, instead of confronting the phishers responsible for this trouble eBay turned its anger on the BBC while desperately trying to cover up the whole thing. And, the rest of this story is a sad well-known story of how the things should not be done in the first place.

When someone with almost limitless resources, such as eBay, misses to apply some of the basic prevention measures, then there is simply no excuse or justification. We sure hope that other major IT league players, who are in a similar situation, will draw some useful conclusions out of this story.

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