Windows 10 Star Login


The Grandpa Microsoft has figured it all out. It will strike at the very heart of cyber darkness. Let us deal with those annoying and unreliable passwords, once and for all, shall we? How? Well, Microsoft has quite a few solutions for this one. Depending on the type of your device you can use some of the following.

The new Windows 10 security system can scan your eye or a fingerprint. On the other side, if you are worried that your device’s features cannot match the high profile scanning standards do not feel depressed. The Grandpa Microsoft has a solution even for the old devices with the new passwords.

If you cannot avoid a situation of having to deal with the inevitable passwords, then your device’s PIN additional authentication can ease the pain, at least for a little bit. So, all security troubles are solved with the Windows 10. All what is left for us to do is to sit and relax while enjoying the cyber ride.

Maybe, we can relax, but what about our poor old Grandpa Microsoft? What is going to happen with its business security? The crumbling pressure of the countless pirate versions and a stubborn army of outdated and also unsupported old Windows versions can easily ruin the whole party. Right?

Book Of Faceless Rules


Poor old Facebook, it has to add new rule pages all the time. This time, Facebook wants to deal with nudity and terrorism. In this way, Facebook has joined the anti-nudity-coalition. Google and Twitter have already made it perfectly clear that only artistic or medicine oriented nudity is the only acceptable nudity.

On the other hand, it is not a secret that the jihadists can be easily caught in the controversy trap. They are fighting all the evils of the Western society, while at the same time they cannot imagine a single day without the Internet. No Facebook or Twitter, no new recruits nor followers. As simple as that.

For what is worth, Facebook has decided to introduce a new strict policy, when it comes to promotion or glorification of terrorism. The Islamic State tried to launch its social network called the Book of Caliphate, but the Anonymous hacker group made sure it could not stay online for a single day.

Until the next time, and some next set of new rules. In the meantime, make sure you do not upload any of your naked pictures, including positive comments or even worse “likes” for the news about terrorist attacks. We sure hope that the number of rules will not exceed the number of users to aplly them.

Fight Fire With Fire


Poor old grandpa Microsoft. So many on its troubled mind right now. Windows 10 is ready to hit our devices with all of its features force. However, there are quite a few annoying strongholds Microsoft has to deal with first in order for Windows 10 to truly work. What is going to happen with the pirate versions?

There is an entire pirate’s paradise in China. We are talking about millions and millions of pirated Windows versions all over the world. What is going to happen with all of these people? Are they going to be left outside the latest and legitimate version? Is this the only way to solve this problem?

One serious rumor has it that Microsoft is about to do one least expected and quite an unprecedented thing. Windows 10 is going to open its doors with no prejudices at all. Yes, cyber boys and girls, the Windows pirates will be able to harbor in the safe legitimate waters with no consequences.

When you put it this way, it sounds almost like a fairy tale. Is it going to work, for real? Or maybe, it is actually quite a simple choice. If you cannot win them, then give them a free legitimate OS version. Right? We know grandpa Microsoft all too well. There is a catch with this one. We just do not know what it is.

Apple Store – Antivirus No More


Yes, it is official cyber boys and girls. From now on, it will not be able to find a single antivirus app in the Apple Store. What is that supposed to mean? You are absolutely safe in the IOS environment. Or maybe, these countless apps are giving you the false and hazardous sense of cyber security.

Which one of these two options is the correct one? Maybe only one. Maybe both. According to the numerous surveys and analysis, both anonymous and fully transparent ones, the best way for you to improve your mobile security is to remove your antivirus app. Oh dear, then what is left for us to do?

This is not a good news for the hackers. This is a beginning of a serious evaluation of our current condition. Security apps are much more than a cozy way to earn money through advertising. Maybe, this is exactly what we need. One huge and systematic purge of the alleged antivirus and anti-malware apps.

What is left is supposed to be absolutely trustworthy and efficient. It is really hard to believe that we have so many reliable antivirus apps. The most likely situation is that so many developers have come up with an idea of attracting the attention with something that is only called an antivirus app.

The Self-Destructive Cyber Desires


There is one busy little cyber bee called Matthew Rothenberg, who has run an interesting experiment. He launched a self-destructive website called the Unindexed. So, how does it work? This website is alive and healthy, as long it has not been indexed by Google at some point in time. And then, what?

The code inside it does not allow for a website to survive, once it is being indexed by Google. Again, why it is so important? Well, in the first place, this gives you an orientation how long it takes for Google to catch your website in its indexing structure. For your information, around three weeks, give it or take.

Matthew had a goal to examine how long we can express our thoughts in the cyber place, with no fear that our posts will be indexed, and therefore “immortalized”. Now, you see what was this all about. It can work with the apps. Just think about the Snapchat and its self-destructive messages.

However, once you get on the Web, you have the Google rules of indexing you have to deal with.  So, what is our only option? You have to launch a new website every three weeks. It does not sound like a good plan, does it? How to hide effectively from the bad indexing Google boys? Any ideas?

Android Financial Paranoid


The busy little Kasersky Lab bees have some bad news for us. Again. This time, the focus of their work was on the financial components and services of the mobile Android OS. For what is worth, we strongly advise you of taking a deep breath before hearing these disturbing statistical data, in the first place.

Here it goes. The number of the financially oriented Android attacks in 2014 is more than three times higher compared to the previous year. What can we expect in 2015? Well, we do not even dare to ask. It seems that the hackers of the restless Android seas are after your cyber wallets this time.

We should mention the two most notorious villains in this field. The Trojan-SMS and Trojan-Banker are the most lethal and efficient ones. Unfortunately, the unparalleled popularity of Android OS has shown its ugly side. There is a reasonable fear it is going to become even worse in 2015.

So, what can you do to protect yourself properly? It would be a great thing to treat your mobile OS in the same way yountreat and protect your desktop OS. Maybe, it is about time for you to invest some money in the top quality mobile cyber-security solutions. Better now, than never or too late.



How many times have you wished to file a lawsuit against the bad boys in the black suits? Well, if you do not or cannot do as an individual, there are quite a few organizations that are willing to do your job. Let us mention some of the well-known names, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

Is it possible to sue the NSA? Yes, apparently it is. Is it possible to win a case against the NSA? We shall have to wait and see. For what is worth, the mass surveillance program run by the NSA has obviously gone too far. Something needs to be done in order to win back our cyber freedom. What exactly?

Let us start with a lawsuit, which claims that the NSA with its spying and surveillance programs directly put a finger in both eyes of the first and the fourth US constitutional amendments. Somehow, we got an unpleasant feeling that this is going to be David against Goliath scenario. Are we right?

On the other hand, this lawsuit is more of a signal for the busy little cyber bees in the NSA to change or improve their spy programs, than a serious warning as we are hoping right now to be. Our fingers are crossed, that is for sure. At least we will show them that we are helpless, but not blind.



There are almost 100,000 Gmail accounts, which have or use the identical password: 123456. Can you believe it? What is wrong with all these people? We should not forget the reckless guys, who just cannot get enough of the timeless classic: password. Some guys were a little bit smarter. How exactly?

They have included some modifications. How about “p@ssword” or “passw0rd”, for a change? We just cannot get enough of these hilarious security flaws. What needs to happen to make us change our harmful habits? We keep complaining about the dangerous cyber world we live in, don’t we?

On the other side, we fail to include even the most basic security measures. And, we still have the nerve to hope for the best. This is a perfect disaster scenario for any field in life, not only the cyberspace. You can rest assured that hackers all over the world are praying for more of these “passwords”.

So, what is the moral of our cozy disturbing story? The epic journey to the very next level of your magical cyber security begins right now with the simplest step you can possibly imagine or do? How hard could it possibly be? Which reminds us to change the password for our blog. We have to go.

Are You FREAKing Out?


With its latest update IOS 8.2, Apple has allegedly solved the so-called “freak” security flaw. We can all relax now. Business as usual. Right? So, what went wrong and why did we need this security update, in the first place? This may come as a huge and painful surprise, but think about the encryption itself?

Why? Unfortunately, Apple’s crown jewel in terms of impeccable security features turn out to be its Achilles’ heel. The hackers could not go through the encryption layers with an ease you move through your favorite cheese, but the illusion is being broken. And now, there is no way back. Right?

The IOS 8.2 among other things was an admittance that the integrated encryption of our messages was not as powerful as we initially thought. Perhaps, the biggest danger, came from our false belief that we are bulletproof while in the encryption zone. We cannot tell for certain, can we?

Yet, it makes a perfect sense, doesn’t it? So, we are safe now. Nothing to worry about. We do not want to spoil this lovely mood, but you should be fully aware that while we are writing something is cooking in Apple’s kitchen. The IOS 8.3 is to hit your device anytime soon. What is the problem, now?

The Dark Decade


Whenever the most popular whistleblower in the world has something to say, you simply know it is not going to end up well for our cyber security. Edward Snowden is the usual suspect, when it comes to the most annoying partybreakers. So, what happened this time? Speak out you dark cloud.

It turns out that the bad busy little cyber bee in the NSA and the CIA have worked the entire decade in order to infiltrate the IOS system. They were stubborn and merciless, when it comes to the spying on iPhones and iPads. Have they succeeded? Did they bite the Apple, our precious apple?

That is the catch. We do not know, and probably we will never know, for sure. It also makes a perfect sense to claim that Android was not left aside. However, this simply makes you wonder and become helplessly restless, is there a place in the cyber space you can really feel safe and protected? 

The secret government agencies can simply afford themselves to get some of the leading Apple’s developers. You can scare or buy him or her, or touch an ego with an irresistible James Bond story. Why bother for the entire decade? It just does not make any sense, does it? Edward, what are you hiding?