The Project Sonar


Grandpa Microsoft is up to something serious. It turns out that Grandpa Microsoft is working on a new anti-malware solution called – the Project Sonar. So, what is this Sonar thing all about? Well, this is not a new concept, but it is pretty much revolutionary in terms of protection.

From what we have heard, the main job of top quality protection is supposed to be done among the clouds. In other words, certain malware threat is supposed to be eliminated, even before it reaches you, in the first place. When you put it this way, it certainly sounds lovely.

However, there are quite a few practical problems and questions that keep pumping out. How much grandpa Microsoft needs to know about us, in order to provide us this kind of quality protection? Are we trading one trouble for another one? Somehow, our enthusiasm is lost.

Or, maybe we should let grandpa Microsoft do its homework. Let us see how this Project Sonar is going to work in the real life, and then we will have plenty of time to judge it. This way, we are only spoiling the party, and one intriguing idea. Good luck grandpa Microsoft, our fingers are crossed.

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