What Went Wrong?


We had almost an entire hour of extremely unpleasant Internet silence for the major league players, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, MySpace, and Hipcha. You know how it goes, when you lack official statements and explanations, don’t you? Speculations and rumors run wild.

On the one side, we have some serious rumors about the Lizard Squad involvement in these embarassing events. This was apparently one more successful demonstration of their new and efficient DDoS attacks concept. Yet, somehow we are not convinced. Do these guys really need additional publicity?

On the other side, there were some scary voices that the Islamic State was involved in this. However, there are at least two reasons to doubt this possibility. The first is a serious doubt about the possibility of their hacker’s teams to run something like this on such a big scale. What is the second one?

Well, the Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists simply cannot live without the social networks. A great deal of new members comes as a direct result of their social network activities. Why ruin all of that with a cyber attack? The more we wait for the official explanation, the more likely we are to speculate.

Happy Privacy Day


Did you know that even the privacy has its own birthday? We are a little bit behind. Remember January the 28th. So, what are you supposed to do on that day? At least what you can do is think about the concept of privacy under the modern circumstances. What about the candles? Who is going to take care of them?

Who else, than our grandpa Microsoft. For what is worth, Microsoft has launched a privacy awareness campaign. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess, which date is going to be used as the official launching date, do you? OK, we have a birthday. Microsoft will take care of the birthday party.

It is time to wish something. So, what could be our privacy’s birthday wish? Now, we are obviously moving into the tricky terrain. Unfortunately, when it comes to the privacy the rule, be careful what you wish for – because it may become true and real, is not going to happen in this case by default.

Maybe, this is the only how it should be. We need to be reminded each year that our privacy is not something that is going to work all on its own. As a matter of fact, we need to have a privacy’s birthday every single month, but as to begin with, let us start with once a year, shall we? Just do not forget.

Click To Report A Crime


The busy little bees in the UK police force have come up with an intriguing idea. How about reporting a crime by using the Internet instead of using your phone, which is the most common thing to do in these situations by default? Would not that be a ground shaking change to the entire system?

For what is worth, the UK police believes that this new system of online crime reporting could bring some substantial savings in both time and resources. Of course, this new solution would be reserved only for the crimes, which are not extremely urgent in their nature or required response time.

On the other side, in order for this warning system to truly work it is necessary to develop a fully functional and above all a secure website. We do not even dare to think what could happen, if some hacker is to put false warnings on this system. So, what is the moral of this story? What should we think?

It is not so hard to come up with an idea such as this one. However, it is a completely different thing to see it running. There is so much work to do and so many practical problems to solve. Yet, that does not mean we are supposed to give it up. Right? The crime, we are supposed to fight against it. Together.

Talk To The Hand


Here is one of the worst SF nightmares knocking at our doors, right now. More than 700 employees in one Swedish company are being offered with one extremely unusual and above all controversial choice. What do you say about an implant in your hand? Small and cozy microchip inside your own body.

These Swedish humans implant pioneers are not forced. At least, not for the time being. There is a recommendation from the manager’s level that these implants are supposed to ease their everyday’s working duties and use of machines. So, it is supposed to be a helpful and time saving tool.

Then, how come we are not convinced? Are we exaggerating or witnessing the first and most important manifestation of our brave, but bitter new future? We do not even dare to think what could happen to our already endangered and compromised privacy. Do we really need this 1984 scenario?

Is this supposed to improve our working efficiency or eliminate the last stronghold of our privacy? It just does not feel right, does it? What is going to happen to the workers, who refuse to comply with the new company’s implant policy? We were afraid, but this obviously happened too soon. Right?

Galaxy S(ecurity) 6


Here is a promise in the air. It is entirely up to you, whether or not you are going to fall for it. Among other shiny and memorable things and features the new Samsung Galaxy 6 is supposed to do something useful for our security and privacy, as well. Can you guess what could it possibly be? Do you dare?

For what is worth, your finger comes with a big secret. There is a serious rumor about the new and improved ID fingerprint scanner. All what it would be necessary for you to do in order to use it properly is to press the specially designed area. That is all. No left or right. No forward or back. Only a simple touch.

We.do not want to spoil the party, nor ruin your optimistic mood, but there is an unavoidable dark cloud in the Samsung’s Galaxy. You have probably heard that there is a way to hack this fingerprint scan technology. Apparently, there is a way you can take the pictures of a fingerprint in order to trick the system.

This is a nice initiative and an effort, which deserves some honest respect on our end. However, what is going to happen with the old enemy within? Who or what is going to protect us from the malicious things we cannot touch with our precious and sensitive fingers? How about that Samsung for a change?

The Older, The Better


It turns out that the busy little crime bees in the UK have their must-have phone models. Pay attention to our words. Mobile phones, but not the smartphones. Why? The so-called primitive and outdated mobile phones are simply perfect for someone, who does not want to be tracked by the police.

For these purposes, the old and once extremely popular Nokia models are literally priceless for the UK crime lords. They do not have any of the modern smartphone features, which allows anyone to locate and follow their owners. In addition, they do not have to worry about recordings or police spying.

In addition, there is one more specific characteristic, which makes them to be the number one choice for the criminals. When it comes to these grandpa phones, the battery can literally last for days. This can be a matter of free life or time in prison, for someone committing crimes on a daily basis.

What do you know, the UK criminals are obviously going back to the basics of mobile phones. This can be a great story with the fascinating educational potential for the makers of smartphones. It reminds us nicely, what the modern mobile phones are to be all about in their essence.