This is a lot of “las”. What is the thing with this 4XLa? This is undoubtedly a ground shaking concept, if it is to be true and fully functional, which can change the IT landscape beyond recognition. In plain English, we can describe this device as the mobile Google Translate. And, that is only the beginning.

With the 4La you can focus on a certain person and ensure that all background noise is eliminated. In addition, you can get a rough, but an immediate translation. All of these in a discrete hearing device, you will hardly notice. You can connect it with your smartphone or include some kind of smart glasses.

Then, how come we have not heard a little bit more about it? Maybe, this is only a baby concept. There are so many practical issues to be solved first. What is going to happen with the price itself? This way it looks like a list of wishes for some IT enthusiast. Additionally, who is to carry out this idea, in the first place?

For what is worth, we sure hope that this story will not end up with a simple lalalala song. We need the SF concepts, such as this one to keep us warm at night. However, in order to function on a daily basis, we would need something more realistic and practical. Keep on dreaming. Keep on imagining.

The Poisonous Lollipop


This is what happens when you expect unreasonably too much. Very similar to a situation when you fall in love. You ask, expect and desire too much. At the end of the day, your house of cards collapses in a second. We have strived for the true miracles the Lollipop was supposed to deliver in the Android world.

So, what do we got in return? The Lollipop is designed to work on all devices, which run on Android. However, the alarming number of users has begun reporting some extremely problematic things associated with the new Android 5.0. The apps are disappearing. Your device is slow in performance.

Let us not forget to mention the battery, which loses precious minutes instead of ensuring the additional time for your smartphone. On the other hand, the regular updates can be very dangerous for the well-being of your device. Is this something we can characterize as the warming up trouble?

Or, maybe there is something more serious taking place in the background? It would be unwise for Google to treat these complaints as the manifestations of the spoiled users, who are accepting nothing less than a pure perfection. In the meantime, we have to look for some other candy.

Samsung Galaxy vs Nokia 3310


It is a ridiculous thing to even try comparing these two mobile phones in the very first place. Who could have done such a thing and what could we possibly prove with that? Luckily for us, there are some busy little bees with some funny and original unorthodox ideas. This is what we got as a result.

The very purpose of some very painful experiments for our dearest shining gadgets was to prove how far we have gotten with our progress. Really, once a proud pioneer of the promising mobile revolution looks like a primitive toy compared to its younger smartphone relatives. Yet, this is notnthe whole story.

It turns out that our old little fellow is more resistant in both real and cyber worlds. How could that be? It is quite simple actually. If you try to break it, you will have to put some additional effort. On the other hand, if you want to hack it, you have to forget about it. Sometimes, being primitive has its advantages.

So, which one should you use? The modern one, of course. Why? So, you can enjoy all those shiny apps. Then why was it necessary to destroy two phones to make only one point? Believe it, it was totally worth it. This is a nice reminder that we have not achieved anything remarkable. We have merely improved it.

Twitter Digits


How to solve the annoying and time consuming problem with the numerous passwords for every user is definitely the next big thing. How to solve this one, get some additional profit and win the hearts of users? Well, Google has been seriously considering the two-step verification with a smartphone and SMS.

Twitter has a solution of its own, it is eager to share with us. The new service Digits is an open platform, which is not reserved exclusively for the Twitter users. How does it work? Well, for what is worth, you will need to register and once you get an SMS code, you will log by using your mobile phone number only.

It sounds lovely and simple. Yet, we are a little bit worried. If not secured properly, we have actually opened an additional door for the hackers to jump in. Now, our smartphone is a potential target. Instead of protecting what we have of privacy related data, we need to offer more in exchange.

If this one can solve all the troubles with the passwords and improve our so-called user’s experience, then go on with it our hats off to this. Somehow, it is too good to be true. Or, maybe we have lost our faith in simple and effective solutions. So, where can we download this app? Let us give it a try, shall we?

Golden Rules And Cyber Fools


Privacy and social networks simply do not go hand in hand. Does it really have to be this way? Well, it depends on you. At this dark hour for our privacy, it would be nice to remind ourselves of a timeless classic in this field. According to the NSA golden rule, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

As simple and as complicated as that. On the other side, here is one more goldie just for you. There is no such a thing as privacy on social networks. The man, who invented the Facebook, said that. If you want to keep something a secret absolutely and permanently, you have no other choice than to keep silent.

So, what are we supposed to do? Use the social networks to suit you the best. However, do not forget that everything and anything on these networks come at a certain price. It is up to you, whether or not a certain social network will become a social spider’s web for you. Maybe you are a spider itself.

Yet, you just do not know it. Either way, it is the social networks’ way or the highway. We have a choice, to use them or find some other way of communicating and making new friends. Is this a true choice, in the first place? Or, you can create a new social network of your own. Maybe you can change the world.

VR Crime


No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot predict the entire scope of potential VR (Virtual Reality) applications. The time has come to fight the real crime with the Virtual Reality. How? Well, we can now identify potential sex predators more easily and much more accurately. Here is how it works?

The VR is all about the simulation. We simulate and then we evaluate. To potential sex predators cannot help themselves, when it comes to the potentially harmful impulses for the other people. When they commit a crime, it is pretty much too late to talk about the proper prevention, isn’t it?

You need a reliable, accurate and above harmless system of identification. The last thing you need is a potential Hanibal Canibal, whom you have to get close to the potential victims in order to evaluate his reactions. The VR world takes the care of it. You can simulate as much as you like in a safe environment.

We have all we need. Now, all what we need to do is to find the test subjects. The tricky part is to come up with the appropriate criteria. Unfortunately, no one told us how to conduct the selection process of the potential sex predators. For this one the VR cannot help you. You need real people to do it properly.

The Drone Avengers


If you loved the Avengers, then you are going to be blown away by this one. Under a certain condition. You have to live in the USA. The people, who are living half across the globe, are definitely not going to be thrilled with an idea of the flying drone carrier. Can you imagine such a thing flying above you?

The flying fortress, which deploys hundreds, even thousands of drones everywhere you look. This is not a movie, but rather an imminent reality knocking at our door. To make things even worse, we can expect the further commercialization of the drone related possible applications. Intrigued?

Amazon plans to launch an entire fleet of commercial drones. Google is currently occupied with satellites and Facebook with balloons. But, you do not have to guess twice what will happen, once they hear about the drone carrier. That means to have an entire trade or service center right up in the sky.

These ideas make business giants to be simply restless. On the other hand, we can only ask ourselves, how long before this new SkyNet starts making trouble? This dronology can be an annoying thing. Especially, if you do not like to see a crowded sky with all kinds of flying machines. Drones are not carrying bonbons, that is for sure.

Gmail Attachments With A New Address


From now on, you can find all of your Gmail attachments on your Google Drive account. So, what is up with this one? We are a little bit confused. This is supposed to be a good or a bad news for us? It comes without saying that can be a nice and cozy feature for Gmail users. We have to give them a credit for that.

On the other side, we cannot help ourselves noticing an obvious attempt of Google to push up a little bit the use of its cloud services. Now, let us examine what is very likely to happen with our cyber security. This is not such a smart thing to do. It is just like you put all of your data eggs in one gasket.

This can potentially allow easier access for the hackers. All they have to do is to get your Google Drive account. No need to mess up or waste time with the Gmail account in the first place. For the sake of all of us, we sure hope that Google knows what he is doing with this one. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble.

It comes without saying that our attachments are very often the most vulnerable and important parts of our emails. Sure thing, we need to do something that will ease our use and downloading process. However, we should not compromise our security with this new option. Right? Otherwise, what is the use?

Kingston DataTraveler + Eset Antivirus = ?


Ah, the good old days, when all new USBs used to come with the perfectly suited portable version of some popular antivirus. What happened in the meantime? Its majesty commercialization is to be held responsible in this case. So many invaluable chances for the improvement of our cyber security lost.

It is worth mentioning that sometimes can be extremely efficient to fight fire with fire. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a cyber security expert to know that the USB is one of the most common sources of cyber infection, do you? And, unfortunately that is only the beginning of cyber troubles.

According to the recent discoveries, we were able to find out about the malicious firmware and totally undetectable USB malware. It turns out that so many troubles can jump out the tiny device for your computer. Therefore, this can be a nice way for restoring the shaken trust among the USB users.

We sure hope that we will be able to see more of this USB and antivirus teaming up. The larger a certain mobile memory device is, the more serious antivirus should follow. Spread the word of the cyber security with each and any computer you touch with your USB. Do we have a more important mission than this one?

Happy Hour Virus


Although, this idea is not quite compatible with our efforts to fight the unprecedented economic crisis, we cannot neglect or ignore its originality and brilliance. So, what is this app all about? In case you an urgent day off, here is a quick and simple solution. This app will give exactly what you need.

You have a several visual simulation of some of the worst computer malfunctions for your screen. This is supposed to give you a nice excuse in order to make a quick disappearance from your office. Oh no, my computer is broken, I have to go home. This is a simplified option. There are some additional options.

You can use it as a prank as well. Yet, we do not recommend it to your friends, who have some weak heart issues. On the other hand, we have even a better idea. How about the cyber security version of the Happy Hour Virus app? This is supposed to be much more effective compared to a broken computer.

Your IT staff will allow you to move away from your office much more willingly, as soon as you report a virus attack. However, this is not something you should make jokes about. So much trouble for a single day off. How about calling your office and telling them that you are under a flu attack, for a change?