Cheaper Nexus – Better Chances?


As long as the Smartphones Empire is growing at an unprecedented and unparalleled speed there will be so many opportunities to increase profit and attract new customers, which numbers can be measured in millions at least to say. It seems that the luxury and prestige section for the smartphones has been occupied by Apple and Samsung. However, there is an excellent opportunity to make money in this field in the “secondary” markets outside the USA and Europe.

How to approach these markets, which can generate respectable profit through the astronomical numbers of sold devices? As you have probably guessed, its majesty the price itself is the alpha and omega in this matter. You have to carefully balance two things. One is the affordable price, which compared to the premium devices is almost impossible to resist. The second one is a list of respectable features.

For what is worth, Google plans to follow the footsteps of Motorola Moto G and Nokia in the cheaper smartphones zone. Nevertheless, the trouble with the curve for Google is a choice whether or not to use the extremely appreciated brand name Nexus for these low-cost devices. In the short run, a cheaper version with a Nexus name can bring some extra profit. In the long run, the brand itself can be seriously damaged.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself what can or cannot be done in this field. You simply cannot have it both an affordable price and skyrocketing brand. It is more than obvious that all major smartphone players have already focused their target customer groups. There is only one left, though. We are talking about people with a great wish to acquire a Smartphone for themselves, but with the modest purchasing power. Who will win their hearts and pockets is yet to be seen.

Google Contact Lens Camera


There are some guys in Google’s development team, who literally adore SF and anything related to it. There is on other way to explain the “sudden” explosion of quite unusual products, which keep pumping out of the Google’s kitchen. We have not quite yet familiarized ourselves with the idea of Google Glass and there is something else equally intriguing – Google Contact Lens with no more no less than a camera (?!).

The funny thing about it is that you will be able to control the camera within lenses by blinking. On the other side, Google is extremely serious about this one. For this case, Google has already patented the concept about contact lenses with a camera. How it will work practically is a completely different issue. What is this, just one version of Google Glasses or a completely genuine product?

The longer you think about it, the less you will be able to imagine a situation where something complex as a camera can be successfully integrated into tiny lenses. Let us not forget to mention some of the extremely controversial ethical issues, which can be associated with this potential product. We have already seen some highly controversial videos made by Google Glasses. Can you imagine what can happen with the “invisible” Google Lenses?

We sure hope that these smart contact lenses will make this world to be a better place for all of us. The last thing we need is to experience first-hand how some of the most pessimistic SF movies have found a fruitful ground among these products. Who knows, maybe the next post on this blog you will read by using your Google Glasses or Contact Lenses.

True Facebook Likes


It seems that the days when you had to like something on Facebook for the purpose of liking itself are long gone. Facebook is pretty much determined to improve its News Feed at all costs. Even if it has to mean sanctioning the accounts, which ask for you to like their posts or pictures directly or in an implicit way.

It is more than obvious what are the true intentions of these “unethical favors” on Facebook. In this way some posts or pictures, gain more social media awareness and sharing percentage much more than they are deserving under the “normal” circumstances. Let us say this is something similar to some Facebook users’ efforts to tell with a certainty who are they real and virtual Facebook friends.

For what is worth, we have to say that this is easier to be said than actually done. Anti “spam like” action on Facebook will have to be extremely thoughtful and careful. The last thing we need is to see some “collateral” damage on Facebook in this matter. Who can say with an absolute certainty which likes are a part of real or “cosmetic” activities on Facebook?

Well, we have to say that this effort deserves some real respect. On the other side, we have to ask ourselves how far will Facebook actually dare to go in its pursuit of the real truth. How about one more “painful” area on Facebook? Can they do something about the fake profiles? Or, maybe they like to impress us with the stunning numbers of their users. Can we like this?

The Smartphone Which Knew Too Much


It comes without saying that while two parties are fighting the third one takes an advantage. It is hard to believe, but Samsung actually used one of Apple’s intern document which includes Android. How about this one? This already sounds like an excellent crime story. So, what is so special about this allegedly top secret document?

It seems that Apple was terrified that Android could seriously damage iPhone’s sales. Apple’s sales team was worried that cheaper phones with bigger screens have better chances in the market compared with the smaller more expensive models. On the other hand, it is “refreshing” to see how Apple criticizes Samsung’s enormous marketing budgets.

For what is worth, even Apple can be petrified for a moment when it comes to the positioning troubles on the market. Even Apple has some serious difficulties to convince itself about its superiority. Its sales team has revealed with this document that Android got an unexpected recognition for the quality from the most formidable adversary in the market.

From this perspective, we can only wish for more trials of this kind in the future. Who knows what more can be revealed? Unfortunately, we need an official court procedure to learn more about the truth behind the high walls of our favorite IT giants. It seems that we definitely need some kind of WikiLeaks business or even smartphone edition.

Temptations of the Benchmark Tests


Benchmark test temptations are so hard to resist, aren’t they? So, how we are supposed to trust them after all what have happened recently. Remember, Samsung was messing up with these tests. Now, it seems that HTC just could not say no to some “adjustments”. Samsung’s disclosure has collapsed the entire benchmark test’s structure. Now, everyone’s performance is under a big question sign.

The repeated tests have shown a dramatic change in the HTC One performance results. And now, they are in trouble just like Samsung once was. When you hear something like this, you have to ask yourself why some of the Smartphone major league players allow themselves a luxury to fake more or less the results of benchmark tests? Are we paying enough attention to these tests in the first place?

There is one more test, which is absolutely reliable. You can’t even dare to cheat on this one. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to guess that we are referring to the customers’ tests. The market itself always says with a guarantee who is who and which model deserves our admiration. Therefore, the producers should worry more about what customers have to say and not some tests.

On the other side, it is more than obvious that the producers of Smartphones are apparently trying to influence our impressions about a certain device with these benchmark tests. However, let us face it who needs these tests for real, when we can try a phone ourselves. That is the best possible guarantee we can get that a certain model will match our expectations. Happy testing!