The Lizard Squad


Who are these guys? It turns out that we are witnessing a birth of a new phenomenon. We are already treating some hackers and hacker’s groups as the genuine rock stars. These so-called lizards have something against the most popular gaming platforms such as the Xbox Live and PSN. Why is that?

Well, to tell the truth, we are not quite sure. Maybe, they just want to prove something to themselves. This one is entirely up to them. The similar situation we had when the North Korean Bureau 121 was discovered. The “innocent” movie called the Interview was the trigger for their activities.

The trouble with the curve in this matter is that some busy little malicious cyber bees can be caught into the bigger-stronger-more labyrinth. In order to prove something and impress the cyber audience, they can attack the vital systems and literally destroy the world, as we know it today. Can we avoid that?

It is hard to tell. Maybe, we should not make provocative movies, which can annoy the dictatorship regimes all over the world. This was a joke, but not too far from the truth. We should not give the undeserved publicity to the hackers. This can be surprisingly effective. Better than any known antivirus program.

The Interview Feeling Blue


The Interview has entered the movie theaters. For what is worth, not on a full scale as planned. If you have a reason to fear that someone will conduct a terrorist attack in the darkness of the movie theater, you have an option to rent this movie online and watch it absolutely safely. Or not?

Maybe, the notorious Bureau 121 from the North Korea has the capacities to attack every single computer on this planet, which shows this movie. There is a little bit strange angle for this unusual situation we would like to share with you. We dare to say that this was an unplanned and unusual win-win situation for both parties.

You may wonder, how can this be? Well, it is actually quite simple, if you are willing to accept it. Sony Pictures has advertized its latest movie in the most unusual, but very effective way. On the other side, the North Korea has a rare and unique opportunity to fight the common prejudices about its technology development.

So, the North Korean hackers have provided some free advertisement for the Sony Pictures. In return, we have expressed our admiration with the North Korean achievements in the cyber field. So, who is hurt here? We have seen the movie. And our blog is still operational, but do not tell anyone. It is our little secret.

Facebook vs Russia


We have to admit that this post’s title is not quite accurate or appropriate one. Why? There is no conflict between Facebook and Russia. At least not the one we are aware about. You know that tensions are high over the Ukraine crisis. One of the latest news includes Apple new position in Russia, for example.

You cannot get an iPhone directly in Russia, among other things. If you are into blogging stuff in Russia, you need to register and use your full name. The trouble with the Facebook in Russia is both different and specific in its nature. It seems that there is a Facebook virus, which specifically targets Russian users.

Is this a nice introduction for the conspiracy theory fans, or what? You are probably thinking about the CIA or the NSA virus, which likes to attack only Russian Facebook users. We have to emphasize that the Facebook itself is not the only nor the most important social network in the Russian region.

We have more than one so-called national and local social network in Russia. Maybe, some Russian top secret agency is working against Facebook. Who knows for sure? Either way, Facebook has to do something about it. When it comes to the social networks all users are equal. Right or wrong?

Facebook Me Your CV


It is not a secret or a surprising news that nowadays employers demand or look for the social network links in the candidates’ CVs. Well? There are two groups of perfectly logical reasons for this decision. On the one side, there is so much we can find out about a future employee from the social networks.

Probably we are revealing too much on our social network accounts that we have wanted or initially planned. On the other side, an employee you want to hire, who knows to find his or her way around the social networks, can definitely contribute the company a lot. In numerous ways you can possibly imagine.

Finally, Facebook is pretty much determined to offer a compromising solution. Why the CEOs and Facebook has to be the worst enemies? Facebook plans to introduce some refreshing innovation, which will make it to be more business friendly. Facebook activities do not have to be necessarily associated with firing people.

This new LinkedIn like form of Facebook can allow employees to function and work in the social networks working environment. They can actually contribute to their business goals and improve the profit itself. Let us see, if it is possible to work and go on with your Facebook life with no negative changes of your working status.

Xperia 007


What is happening with Sony? Are they having some kind of an open door event for hackers? First, we had a controversy with the Interview movie and North Korean super-hackers. And now this one, the most recent hackers caused new model leakage. Things just could not get worse for Sony, could they?

There were some rumors that the new James Bond movie will promote the new Sony Xperia Z4. If that is true, then we have to congratulate to Sony. We can hardly think of a better way to promote a new model than this one. Hollywood style is always the most effective promotion tool, that is for sure.

Maybe, you have noticed that the Smurfs 2 also had a strong emphasis on the Sony tablet. We sure hope we are not mistaken with this one. You can do as a huge favor by checking this one for us. It is not a secret that major brands pay tons of money to the Hollywood studios for promotion purposes.

We sure hope it is going to be completely worth it for Sony. It comes without saying that Xperia concept is a perfect match for James Bond style. Black, stylish, discrete, and efficient. Just the thing our friend James Bond needs the most, while fighting the villains. My name is Xperia, Xperia Z4. Right?

Google vs Russia


Relax, for the time being, there is no conflict between Google and Russia. However, some more or less malicious comments pointed out some obvious facts and comparisons. Does it really matter, if it is because of the politics, or only economic and business related purposes? So, let us see what is happening here.

The estimated value of the entire Russian stock market is around $325 billions. On the other hand, the estimated worth of Google is more than $340 billions. It is worth mentioning that both Apple and Microsoft are already in this big boys club with the estimated worth of more than $350 billions.

So, what is that supposed to mean? Something, anything and everything. All of that at the same time. Maybe, someone wants to make a point that the USA has more than one company, which is worth more than an entire Russian stock market. This sounds and looks a little bit childish, isn’t it?

What is the next move? The Russians can brag around with their oil, gas and gold reserves. It is ridiculous, but for some people obviously necessary to cheer up the tense situation over the Ukraine crisis. Oh dear, has it really come down to this? This is so disappointing on so many levels, isn’t it?

Transcendence Copy/Paste


There is something called the Substrate – Independent Mind or the SIM technology. If you have seen the Transcendence with Johnny Depp, then you have an idea what are we talking about, don’t you? The only difference is that we are not referring to the AI – Artificial Intelligence stuff, at all. This is something completely different.

The SIM concept simply and literally takes our brain’s “content” and puts it into a different environment. Like a computer, for a change. It is an old idea in a new package. Or, maybe we can put it this way. You have probably seen one of the X-Files movies. The second one, if we are not mistaken, uses the similar idea.

We can describe this approach as the “talking heads”, if you know what we mean. With the SIM you do not have to conduct a transplantation of your head on someone else’s shoulders to see it works again. This is definitely smoother than the controversial surgical procedure, we have seen in the movie.

So, we have all worked it out, haven’t we? One last thing left, though. We have not asked the brain itself, what it thinks about moving out. Maybe, one day when we, or whatever that is left of us, wake up in some strange and dark place within four metal walls, you will not be thrilled with your available future perspectives.

The Millennium Bug Has A Cousin


Oh dear, just when we thought that the cyber things can get any worse than this. It turns out that there is one more Millennium Bug set for the 2038. In other words, somewhere during the January of this year our cyber world will meet its end, this way or another. Why? For the same reasons the millennium bug threatened us.

We will try to avoid the rocket science in this story as much as possible. This so-called the year 2038 problem targets specifically the 32-bit systems. For what is worth, the 64-bit crew can relax. At least for a while. On the other hand, what are we supposed to do in the meantime? How many years we have left?

Some 23 years, more or less. Right? Plenty of time to come up with a solution. Yet, what is going to happen to the cyber world as we know it today? Two decades are more than enough time to reinvent all what we know and use beyond recognition and the most optimistic expectations. What does it mean?

Maybe, in the year 2038 there will be nothing to damage for this bug, in the first place. Remind us what happened with the millennium bug in the year 2000? We are still alive and typing, as well. Right? Maybe, we are worrying too much. There are some other more dangerous things, which deserve our attention. More than this one.

The Omnipresence Game


Do not act surprised, because we all know that you have not been entirely honest to yourself. It has been only a matter of time before someone will come up with an idea to put real people in the video games. This is exactly what has happened with the Omnipresence game. So, what is it all about?

Well, for the start you need real people on both sides. One group to control and the other one to be controlled.  Voluntarily. That is the most important condition to participate. So, in simpler words, you accept to become someone’s avatar of flesh and blood in the cyber world. What is next?

You either control someone’s actions or choices, or you submit your will to your cyber lord. It is absolutely crazy, and it is extremely popular. What is happening to us? Why do we want to play the Sims with the real people? Is it funny or an inevitable necessity of our brave new digital age? There is no easy answer.

So, what is going to happen with this game? Who is going to win? Or, are we all going to lose eventually? We have no intention to ask what is the next thing in the gaming world. Somehow we have this feeling it is not going to be an easy thing to digest, after all. Our virtual life has become a real game.

The Net Lords


We really do not know, who are the seven richest or popular people in the world, but we certainly know that seven people have the destiny of the entire World Wide Web in their hands, or better to say the keys. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has introduced a legendary procedure.

Every three months we have the new DNS codes for the seven guardians to take care of. These Internet keys are the most valuable things in the cyber world. They come from the seven different countries and they are responsible for the renewal and safekeeping of these master keys in the top secret environment.

As you might have guessed there was more than one attempt from numerous governments to change this procedure. However, there are quite a few busy little stubborn cyber bees in the ICANN, who are not willing to allow for any government to control the Internet. Better experts, than governments.

For the time being our cyber destiny is in good expert hands. We sure hope that will not change in the near or far future. With these seven keys you can demand seven billion wishes. We can only wish all the luck in the world to these seven cyber dwarfs. The last thing we need is an evil witch to spoil all the fun. Right?