James Samsung Bond



It seems that the guys at Samsung are never bored. The great thing about the major league IT players, especially the ones dealing with the smartphones, is that you do not have to worry that your ideas are too eccentric or impossible. On the other side, it is definitely worth mentioning that from time to time you should know where to draw a line. Right?

So, what happened with Samsung? Samsung is obviously so obsessed with the concept of smartwatches that the next big thing is on the horizon, and it is called – a smart-watch-phone. What in the world is that? Well, that is a smartwatch, which can be used as a smartphone. Are you confused? Are you asking yourself, what is the catch with this one?

As you already know, in order to use your smartwatch you are required to ensure the flawless connection with your smartphones. That is the only what you will be able to make or receive phone calls on your smartwatch, including SMS, emails, and other functions reserved only for the smartphone. It comes without saying that this is an impressive effort on behalf of Samsung.

However, we cannot avoid asking one more logical question. If you can do all you want or need with your smartwatch, why would you use your smartphone in the first place? If you can trap yourself by overselling, can you jeopardize your business position by “over-inventing”? Well, that is up to Samsung to find out, this way or another.

One Month – Ten Million Deliveries


This is really something worth of both admiration and respect. Samsung has been able to deliver 10 million Galaxy S5 devices in less than a month. Although, delivering is not the same as selling, it is still quite a remarkable figure. In addition, it is the new record for Samsung, which is unparalleled to any other similar model.

Let us compare this success with other highly successful Samsung models in order to get an idea about its true magnitude. Galaxy S model needed 7 months to hit this figure of delivered devices. Galaxy S2 required 5 months and Galaxy S3 50 days. The best result till now was the proud owner of Galaxy S4 with 27 days.

Well, Galaxy S5 made it in 25 days. How about that? However, there is a dark cloud above this shining success. As you probably know, there are so many users, who are not thrilled with its “plastic” shell. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves how many S5 Prime models would be necessary to deal with this serious critique.

For what is worth, Samsung can be more or less relaxes as long as it hits dozens of millions in deliverables when it comes to the new models. On the other hand, when you are selling more than you ever hopped you should make your products to be the best ever in performance, not the cheapest ever in production.

TINSTAFL Version for Smartphones


Do you know what does TINSTAFL stand for? There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch. Although, this may seem a little bit heartless, we are talking about one of the leading principles in capitalism. Now, let us apply this one to the fascinating world of smartphones. Who should we call to demonstrate this principle in real business life?

How about Google? It seems that some dirty laundry has surfaced during the second legal clash between Apple and Samsung. Google’s Mobile Apps Distribution Agreement is really something. If you want to make smartphones based on Android, then there are so many things you have to accept unconditionally. Let us start.

When it comes to this, Google Search Engine and Google Play are the absolute must. Do we have to mention that Gmail and Google Maps are almost impossible to avoid. As you can see, Android platform comes with a certain additional “price”. Who is to pay for it eventually is a completely different question. In most of the cases the users themselves.

It comes almost without saying that Google can stand aside in this legal conflict between Apple and Samsung. Having in mind that Samsung is its biggest customer and Apple the most formidable adversary the things just could not be clearer for Google in this matter. Let us wait and see, if this unprecedented legal conflict is to include more than just two parties as originally planned.

Tweet Me Silently


How many friends you have on Twitter, who simply have to tweet about every single thing that happens in their lives? We do not even have to try to guess, too many already. So, what can you do about it? According to one of the most recent rumors, Twitter is already experimenting with a new option, which will allow you to “turn off” updates when it comes to the most annoying tweet-maniacs.

How it is supposed to work? Well, you do not have to worry, this feature will not end up your “virtual friendship”. In fact, it will improve your relationship by not showing you all countless and absolutely meaningless updates of what are your friends up to from minute to minute. In this way you will allow your Twitter account to run in a “silent” regime without your friends knowing about it.

There is only one drawback when it comes to this highly anticipated feature. It is still in the experimental phase. And, you know how it goes with Twitter, don’t you? They like to experiment, but they also like to keep some of the “inventions” only for themselves. On the other side, we hope that improving our user’s experience will be too much an imperative to ignore in this matter.

Is this a way to cheat on our friends or just an elegant choice to preserve our nerves? Well, it is entirely up to you. Maybe, you should block the most annoying friends, who are literally dying for some attention, or stop using Twitter in the first place. It is and will always be your choice, at the end. Even the Twitter itself cannot help you with this one.