The Hacker Wars


It is really a breathtaking experience. We strongly encourage you to visit the Norse’s websites, which is a company that specializes in Internet security. Choose an option to see a map of hacker’s attacks all over the world in the real time. It is just like you are watching a movie. The difference in this case is that the casualties of these wars are real people and companies.

To be more precise, while watching this map you have a feeling that you are witnessing the WW3 scenario. There is this striking resemblance to the lines left by the nuclear missiles, which are flying from one corner of the world to the other one. You can rest assured that the impact and consequences can be compared to the atomic explosion and immense damages in the cyber world.

Our recommendation is to use Chrome for this live follow-up of an unprecedented cyber war. You do not have to wait too long to see for yourself how the USA is being used mostly as the punching bag for the restless cyber-attacks from the East. Although, it is impossible to present the entire web in one web page, this one can be quite indicative about what is really going on.

If you have not considered the IT security protection and anti-hacking measures, after seeing this “movie” you will definitely change your mind. Our word of advice is to run a security check of your IT infrastructure as soon as possible. The last thing you need is to see your country or your town on this map. Not to mention your company. That is definitely too much for your health.

Android Wear Time To Swear


The more we know about it, the more we want to own it. Google OS for smarwatch or better known as Android Wear. This is going to be a heart and soul of any smartwatch, which is going to run on Android. You may play with the design itself, but at the end of the day it is the OS, which is going to say what exactly can you expect.

Let us take a quick peek, shall we? The voice command is something that will immediately grab your attention. You do not have to bother to type like crazy. All you have to do is to address your smartwatch with a gentle voice. In addition, you can rest assured that your commands will be executed smooth and easy.

You can even answer your messages with no need to type not even a single letter. Again, the voice command comes to rescue. For what is worth, these voice commands are still in the test phase. Therefore, you should hold your horses when it comes to your expectations. You cannot have a Star Trek feeling, but you will definitely enjoy it, for sure.

Is Google exaggerating a little bit with its Android Wear? Well, it depends from your point of view. If you have already paid $500 for a smartphone, then it has to be a good reason for you to pay extra $200 or $300 for basically the same thing in a smaller format. Right? If you buy yourself a smartphone with a smaller screen, then it is not likely that you will acquire a smartwatch. Are we right again?

Bosnia vs The World


No, we are not referring to the World Cup in Brazil. It may come as a surprise, but Bosnia is the richest country in the world when you take only one criteria into consideration – the number of mobile phones. In Bosnia you have an average of 100 people using 91 mobile phones. As you can see Bosnia is an unofficial winner of the mobile phones world cup.

Here is some additional information to illustrate this intriguing phenomena. For example, in Turkey you have an average of 90 mobile phones for 100 people. For quite a long time China has been considered as one of the leading countries in the world when we take into consideration the average number of mobile phones. It is shocking that they have an average of “only” 89.

It seems that the moral of this interesting story is quite an indicative one. Perhaps when you are examining certain market, you should take into consideration the readiness of people to acquire your product or service, rather than to focus on the amount of an average salary. For what is worth, the citizens of some of the wealthiest countries in the world proved us all wrong about this one.

It is worth mentioning that apparently the smaller a country is, the higher the probability is that more mobile phones will be used by its citizens. One very serious rumor has it that there are some countries, which challenge this ratio with an unprecedented number of devices. Montenegro has more mobile phones than its citizens. One of the least likely places in the world for the mobile phones world cup finals to take place – the Balkans.

Watch Out! Godzilla Is On The Road!


Here is something you do not hear about it every day, not even in San Francisco. Well, the electronic notification system for drivers in California had a couple of quite unusual announcements for its users. One of them, warned drivers about the Godzilla menace on the road. Some of the drivers accepted this prank quite well by ignoring it. What happened with the others?

Well, for what is worth, we saw some panic on the roads. Do not get us wrong. We are far away from any serious comparison with the notorious radio prank show, which included legendary Orson Welles and “The War of the Worlds”. However, the hackers responsible for these actions have proven themselves of being capable to influence this extremely important system.

Not so long ago, we got one more funny looking notice. This time about the zombies walking around. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself what can happen, if these hackers decide to become more serious for a change. They can easily collapse the entire notification system for drivers. Because things are so serious the government had to interfere, as well.

So, what is the moral of this story? Listen carefully to all notifications you get this way or another while on the road. No matter how strange they may seem at the first glance, but above all, trust only your own eyes and ears, including a reasonable logic. We sure hope there are some hackers out there with enough moral and empathy to know their limits.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2


It seems that everything related to Samsung has to be mega, literally. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 is going to definitely live up to its reputation and name. This model will redefine our ideas about the size of smartphones. With the 7-inches display it is going to be the biggest guy in the neighborhood, including the former king of king-size Smartphones Sony Xperia Z Ultra with a 6.4-inch display.

When it comes to the price itself, we can only guess based on what we know about the Mega #1. Its price was somewhere around $500 give it or take. This is definitely a refreshing surprise. Just because it is mega in its size, it does not necessarily mean that the price itself will be mega, as well. Having this in mind, we can say that everything up to $600 or $650 for this model will be hard to resist.

On the other side, if your model’s display size is your best argument, then you are very likely to fail in the market. We have every reason to believe that the guys at Samsung are pretty much aware about this simple fact. For what is worth, they will certainly do their best to include some breathtaking features in order to justify the mega name itself.

It is worth mentioning that with these gigantic models over the border line of 6.5-inches, we are really testing the patience and understanding of all potential smartphone users. What are you supposed to do with mega model of amazing 7-inch display? Do you need to have an impressive size of the-basketball-hands in order to successfully use it? We sure hope that this mega-size model will not end up as one more mega-disappointment.