Take My Life, But Don’t Take My Identity


The findings of one of the most recent study about the worst fears among the Americans were at least to say shocking. It turns out that we are more afraid of an identity theft, than the massive shooting in our own neighborhood. In plain English, we are more afraid of loosing our identity, than loosing our own life.

How could this be? Is this a normal order of things? Well, if you have suddenly appeared from a time machine, this can be a huge surprise for you. We live in the cyber world, aren’t we? On the other hand, there is this question you simply cannot avoid asking when confronted with these findings.

What is a brief moment of death, compared to the endless life of misery caused by the loss of your identity, and its misuse? When you hear that so many people would rather give up their freedom, than spend a single day without a precious smartphone, then this is not such a big surprise at all.

The moral of this story just could not be more obvious, could it? We should not ask more of these questions we already know the answers to. No need to challenge the power of the cyber world. In a what if situation we are always to lose. Unless, we find a way to reach some kind of a harmony. A cyber harmony.

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