Malware of Arabia


For quite some time the Arabic IT infrastructure has been spared from the malware horror. The biggest obstacle for the malicious software was the language itself. Nevertheless, according to the recent findings of Symantec in this field it seems that the things are to change in this part of the world.

Nowadays, there is more than Malware Lawrence of Arabia roaming the cyber lands in search for new victims. In this sense, the hackers are truly embracing the United Colors of Benetton philosophy. They do not care about race, color or religion. All they care and want is profit, no more no less.

What they are willing to do in order to get it is a completely different thing. On the other hand, this does not have to be a necessarily bad thing, does it? It is about time for us to unite and fight the cyber menace together as we are supposed to do from the very first moment. Learn from your enemy.

This timeless saying can be traced back all the way to the Romans. If hackers can put their differences aside, why should we act differently? It is only a matter of time, before hackers reach every single corner of the globe, regardless of the language or cultural barriers. You have been warned, haven’t you?

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