Twitter Digits


How to solve the annoying and time consuming problem with the numerous passwords for every user is definitely the next big thing. How to solve this one, get some additional profit and win the hearts of users? Well, Google has been seriously considering the two-step verification with a smartphone and SMS.

Twitter has a solution of its own, it is eager to share with us. The new service Digits is an open platform, which is not reserved exclusively for the Twitter users. How does it work? Well, for what is worth, you will need to register and once you get an SMS code, you will log by using your mobile phone number only.

It sounds lovely and simple. Yet, we are a little bit worried. If not secured properly, we have actually opened an additional door for the hackers to jump in. Now, our smartphone is a potential target. Instead of protecting what we have of privacy related data, we need to offer more in exchange.

If this one can solve all the troubles with the passwords and improve our so-called user’s experience, then go on with it our hats off to this. Somehow, it is too good to be true. Or, maybe we have lost our faith in simple and effective solutions. So, where can we download this app? Let us give it a try, shall we?

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