The Self-Destructive Cyber Desires


There is one busy little cyber bee called Matthew Rothenberg, who has run an interesting experiment. He launched a self-destructive website called the Unindexed. So, how does it work? This website is alive and healthy, as long it has not been indexed by Google at some point in time. And then, what?

The code inside it does not allow for a website to survive, once it is being indexed by Google. Again, why it is so important? Well, in the first place, this gives you an orientation how long it takes for Google to catch your website in its indexing structure. For your information, around three weeks, give it or take.

Matthew had a goal to examine how long we can express our thoughts in the cyber place, with no fear that our posts will be indexed, and therefore “immortalized”. Now, you see what was this all about. It can work with the apps. Just think about the Snapchat and its self-destructive messages.

However, once you get on the Web, you have the Google rules of indexing you have to deal with.  So, what is our only option? You have to launch a new website every three weeks. It does not sound like a good plan, does it? How to hide effectively from the bad indexing Google boys? Any ideas?

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