XSS Bugs On WordPress Leaves


What is the thing between numerous bugs and the WordPress? You cure one, but before you know it the next one jumps in. The latest one is associated with the DOM or the Document Object Model, which gives the XSS cross-site scripting trouble in return. What is the cause?

Well, this bug was an unexpected “gift”, which was introduced with the WordPress 4.2.2. We do not claim to be WordPress gurus, but from what we have heard this update eliminated all non-critical HTML files. Could they have predicted that these operations would cause so many problems?

What kind of problems, exactly? First of all, in order to create a living hell for a certain website, you only need to be a registered user. In return, you could easily host all kinds of malware attacks, influence financial transactions or simply take over the entire website. Let us stop here.

There is no crystal ball for developers. However, you have to devote some of your precious time for predicting the most possible outcomes. Even the worst case scenarios. That would also mean less stress for the WordPress, as well. Or, how about some effective cyber insecticide for all of these bugs?

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