USA Patriot Act vs USA Freedom Act


The busy little bees in the Congress are not going to be bored this summer, that is for sure. The clash of the legal titans USA Patriot Act and US Freedom Act is far from over. In addition, all the voices calling Edward Snowden to come back home are perhaps still premature despite their noble intentions.

From what we know for sure, the most decisive battle is going to be fought over the phone records. The NSA has a couple of months left to do what it wants with our phone records. After the moment the USA Freedom Act reaches its full legal power, a court order would be an absolute must in this field.

Either way, this is a tricky situation, and there are no winners here. Our privacy is incurably lost between our need for the flawless security and our desire to be left alone, from time to time. You cannot have it both, can you? One side of this story has to suffer, either our privacy or our safety.

The President Obama is going to have more than one sleepless night. His signature will set the beginning of this legal war. We sure hope that a new devastating terrorist attack is not going to be required to determine a winner. Maybe, it is simply impossible to enjoy your privacy and safety at the same time.

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