Pirates vs World Wide Web


One thing is more than certain in the so-called Hollywood-Pirate-Wars, these cyber-pirates are surprisingly persistent and extremely innovative. You should not get us wrong. This is not some pro-piracy post. We are eager to see how far this stubborn game is going to go and last, including the fate of its participants.

The Pirate Bay uses six alternative domains almost on a daily basis. What is even more interesting the busy little pirate bees are discarding the www prefix, as well. It is as if they are coming from some other parallel Internet universe. Would all of these unorthodox measured help them in the long run?

The Hollywood empire will strike back eventually, this way or another. This is no longer a thing that has to do with money or copyrights. Maybe, we are imagining things, but we just cannot help ourselves noticing some unexplainable personal moments in this endless conflict.

Is it really so hard to come up with a compromising solution, which is more or less satisfactory for both parties? This is really hard to believe. If you want to end the reign of torrent sea pirates, then you have to do better than this. We have this funny feeling that this is not the last post about the cyber-piracy.

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