The Project Sonar


Grandpa Microsoft is up to something serious. It turns out that Grandpa Microsoft is working on a new anti-malware solution called – the Project Sonar. So, what is this Sonar thing all about? Well, this is not a new concept, but it is pretty much revolutionary in terms of protection.

From what we have heard, the main job of top quality protection is supposed to be done among the clouds. In other words, certain malware threat is supposed to be eliminated, even before it reaches you, in the first place. When you put it this way, it certainly sounds lovely.

However, there are quite a few practical problems and questions that keep pumping out. How much grandpa Microsoft needs to know about us, in order to provide us this kind of quality protection? Are we trading one trouble for another one? Somehow, our enthusiasm is lost.

Or, maybe we should let grandpa Microsoft do its homework. Let us see how this Project Sonar is going to work in the real life, and then we will have plenty of time to judge it. This way, we are only spoiling the party, and one intriguing idea. Good luck grandpa Microsoft, our fingers are crossed.

175 Million Reasons To Be Worried


We all know that Windows Server 2003 retired. This not a good nor a bad news. This is how it had to be, eventually. This platform did a remarkable job, and it was about time for it to enjoy the careless retirement days. Unfortunately, the users themselves are still trapped in time. How?

Well, for what is worth, and it is obviously worth a lot, more than 175 million websites worldwide still depend on Windows Server 2003 architecture. In the cyber world, the most serious consequence associated with retirement is an inability to get updates. Any kind of updates.

Especially the ones related to security. In plain English, you are using an outdated platform with the obsolete security measures, the hackers have had plenty of time to study and prepare for thoroughly. So, what can we do about it? We should embrace new systems. This is obvious.

Yet, our laziness, and unwillingness to invest in improved systems, are responsible for this problematic number of almost 200 million websites. That is almost an entire continent of websites, which are left on their own. Grandpa Microsoft is in trouble. Its retirement plan does not work.

The Consoles Are Back In The Game


Great news for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. China has canceled its limitations related to distribution of gaming consoles throughout its territory. So far, the gaming consoles in China were strictly limited to the free zone of Shanghai. Now, all doors are wide open, for the first time.

This is going to create an unparalleled gold rush for gaming consoles. China is the promised land for any manufacturer in the cyber field. Yet, we have to worn you that this is not going to be an easy ride, as it may seem at the first glance. Why?

Just because China has decided to suspend some of its commercial limitations, it does not mean that the censorship is being canceled, as well. In other words, you may get any console in China you want, but this does not mean you can play any game you want on them.

Either way, our hats off to China, for this unexpected, but highly appreciated decision. We are more than sure that the busy little business bees in Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, are already dreaming huge. Who is to blame them. The Chinese dream has become a reality.

Hacking MS Team


What is your very fist impression, when you hear a name for a group – the Hacking Team? Probably, not such a positive one. Right? Who is to blame us, for our cyber prejudices? However, in this particular case, the busy little bees in the Hacking Team helped both Microsoft and us, a lot.

The Hacking Team has identified a security bug associated with the specific font’s driver. On the other side, grandpa Microsoft has delivered a security update, silently and efficiently. This is how it is supposed to be done. I tell you that something is wrong or broken. You fix it.

The end of potentially dangerous cyber story. As simple and as complicated as that. We have to say that we area dying to hear, what grandpa Microsoft sent to the Hacking Team as a sign of its gratitude. This is something we would like to hear and share with you.

It seems that every time your hear words, such as hacking or a hacker, this does not necessarily mean that something bad is going to happen. Just ask grandpa Microsoft, we are quite sure, it has so much to tell you about it. Good job, Hacking Team!

300 MSpartans


Grandpa Microsoft is in the Windows 10 mood. There are no exaggerations, when it comes to Windows 10 promotion. Yet, we are not particularly impressed with this Star-Wars-laser-logo-wallpaper-thing-whatever. There is something else that has caught our attention.

Did you know that Grandpa Microsoft was able to fix 300 bugs with its second  Windows 10 Insider Preview build? Two days and 300 bugs. How about that for a change? So, when there is a will, all of a sudden jumps a way. This is something we should remember. No more excuses, that is for sure.

Would not that be a sight to see this unparalleled bugs-fix-efficiency on a daily basis? What do we need to do? Is the only way to pump out with a new OS, in order to fix all the bugs? This is unbelievable. It feels almost like an election year. Grandpa Microsoft is willing to do anything and everything.

If you can fix 300 bugs in 2 days, then imagine what you can do in 2 months or 2 years. You can literally fix all the bugs in the world, and the entire cyber history. This is a bad news definitely. So, it is entirely up to us. But, we do not want to do it. Until the next Windows, be safe.

Walking On The Password Edge


We have been literally bombarded by the endless series of news associated with the new Windows 10. Expect this, here comes that. It is more than obvious that grandpa Microsoft wants to impress us in each and any way possible. Everything and anything will be different and improved.

What about the cyber security? Grandpa Microsoft has no other choice than to cover all the fields, including this one among others with the shiny new features. This is how, its browsing pride and joy called the Edge is going to come with the fully functional Password Manager.

We know and completely understand that you may have quite a few prejudices about the password helpers. Why? It can be easily explained with the golden rule, do not put all of your eggs in one basket. On the other side, managing and memorizing all those passwords is not a pleasant thing.

For what is worth, this password manager will walk only on the browsing Edge. All passwords required for the numerous websites will be saved and managed accordingly. We only hope that grandpa Microsoft has prepared itself properly for the single basket worst case scenario.

No Keys, No Doors, Only Windows


There are so many new things that we are very likely to experience with Windows 10. It is almost impossible to keep a track of them all. It seems that every single element in the great MS puzzle is going to be turned upside down or replaced. This also includes the legendary activation keys, as well.

From what we know for sure, Windows 10 activation is going to be a fully automatized process. You will not be required to do a thing about it. So, forget about all those activation key numbers and letters you have to type patiently and precisely. This thing is a history now.

If you already own a legal version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, then this is supposed to be a carefree experience. Right? You wake up one lovely day in July, and you realize that your computer runs in the new Windows 10 environment. So, what is going to happen with the illegal “leftovers”?

Apparently, they will have to purchase Windows 10, or deal with the activation key in some of the older Windows versions. We all know that at the end of the long business day at Microsoft, all that is going to truly matter, is how many people bought or use the new shiny OS star called – Windows 10.

You Like Familiar To Windows 10 Mobile


Until we get it for real, we are going to hear so many intriguing things about the new Windows 10. It can do this or that. It will do this or that. Some of the things are great, and we cannot wait to get our fingers on them. On the other side, some just make us so worried. So, how about this one?

From now on, the front camera of your Lumia phone thanks to Windows 10 Mobile will come with the facial recognition system. The plan is to make your life much simpler for you. Your smartphone recognizes you, and you are good to go. No password is needed. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, let us examine some additional options. Who else is going to recognize you, besides your cyber pet called a smartphone? So, we are supposed to believe that nothing bad or unwanted is not going to happen. Seriously? What about the people around us? This camera is going to treat us nice.

Well, we are not convinced. Not, at all. Actually, the number and power of these facial recognition systems worry us deeply. What are we supposed to do about it? To wear sunglasses all the time? To hide away from our own smartphone? No, this is definitely a bad idea. Think about it again grandpa Microsoft.

How Much For An Edge Walk?


We are definitely exaggerating with our egde-this-and-that metaphors, aren’t we? Yet, we just cannot help ourselves. Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer called the Spartan Project, and now officially the Edge is such an easy target for word games. However, grandpa Microsoft is not in the game mood.

Why? It wants to prove so many things to all of us with the new Windows 10. The MS Edge is one of them. We all know what is going to be the very first target of the merciless criticism in this field, don’t we? What about the security features of the new MS Edge? How strong it really is?

Well, grandpa Microsoft offers us a bug bounty challenge. If you want to earn $11,000, then all you have to do is to find a security flaw in the Edge. Do we have to warn you that it is not going to be an easy task? Microsoft has done its really best for the Edge to shine like a true cyber-star.

This way or another, sooner or later, some busy little bee will take this sweet honey prize. The questions is, though, how many times will grandpa Microsoft have to pay for this bug bounty? Either way, it is better to pay now than later, in the aftermath of a serious cyber attack. The clock is ticking. Your money is waiting.

Walking On The Edge Of Security


We know it already. We know it all too well. Grandpa Microsoft throws all it has at shiny and new Windows 10. There is a paradise at the end of the Windows 10 rainbow, waiting for all of us. You can even play Candy Crush Saga once you get there. However, grandpa Microsoft is an extremely experienced cyber-road warrior.

It knows that all of our expectations and demands can come and go, easily, but one is to stay and play. The cyber security will patiently wait for its audience turn. Perhaps, this is the very reason grandpa Microsoft had promised us that the new Internet Explorer (aka Edge (aka Spartan)), will solve all of our security troubles and doubts.

We should not walk on the edge of cyber security with the Edge itself. Never again. Should we buy it, both Microsoft’s claim and product itself? Should we try it? We sure hope that the busy little bees in Microsoft do not treat Windows 10 promotion as an election year.

Otherwise, Windows 10 can easily end up as an unsuccessful political experiment where the overwhelming disappointment of its users ruined the party. Therefore, MS Edge has to be a true work of art in terms of cyber security, or else… Grandpa Microsoft you know the consequences, don’t you?