Happy ATM Monday


Our new trouble has a name. It is called the Backdoor.MSIL.Tyupkin. Thanks to the busy little bees from Kaspersky Lab and the Interpol, we know that even the good old ATMs are not excluded from the malicious cyber intentions. With so many online opportunities for stealing money, who wants to be an ATM millionaire?

For what is worth, even the ATM can get infected with an efficient malware. This one empties an ATM in less than an hour. The funny thing about the way it operates, though, is that it allows you to withdraw the money at the very specific hour on Mondays. Why? No one knows for sure, but this is how it needs to be done.

We are not directly influenced as the ATM users. However, how can you feel confident when the financial system is not fully secured? Although, we do not love too much our banks and other financial institutions, we should not find joy in their misery. Who knows, we may easily turn out to be the next direct target?

Unfortunately, everything electronic can become extremely problematic. That is the hacker’s law. This should be an invaluable lesson for all of us. WE should not allow ourselves a luxury of thinking that there are machines out of hacker’s reach. Poor old ATMs, we should do something to protect them.

Old ATMs – Young Troubles


It is not an exaggeration to say that the ATMs are the true money machines. Yet, the real question is for whom, exactly? If you take the money you have already earned, then you are definitely not in the mood for the word games about the money making machines. And, there is one more scenario.

If someone steals the money from the ATM, he or she will be thrilled by the generosity of these genuine money machines. The older these machines get, the easier for you to become to rob them. It maybe a little bit hard to accept, but there is an entire army of sophisticated malware, which specializes in the ATMs.

Here is an extremely indicative example. One Canadian teenager was able to take the full control over the local ATMs in the most unimaginable and surprising way. He has founded the ATM’s manual on the Internet from A to Z. As simple as that. He made the money to rain from these machines.

Luckily for both himself and the banks, his intentions were good. But, he got misunderstood. He proved his point at a bitter cost. He will have to do some quality time with the authorities explaining his actions and motives, while we on the other hand will have to seriously consider the replacement of grandpa ATMs.