On The Blue Cyber Danube


What is happening under the Alps? For the most of us Austria is a dream vacation country. What can possibly go wrong in this peaceful country with the breathtaking landscapes? Well, it turns out that the hackers are extremely active in this small country with the huge business potential. How and why?

It is really hard to believe that only a handful of companies take care about their cyber security in the right way. On the other hand, one in four Austrian companies gets under a serious cyber fire. As a result of the malicious hacker’s attacks the average damage includes more than 400,000 Euros.

If this is not enough to make the Austrian busy little business bees reconsidering the involvement of the top IT security consultants, then we do not know what is. With the average damage sum of $400,000 or Euros you can do so much job in the field of cyber security for more than one company.

However, there is a catch. First, you have to take care of all prejudices, which rooted deeply in the minds of the Austrian business people. They tend to believe that these nasty cyber things happen to someone else by default. Yet, sooner or later, your cyber address got picked up for trouble. Right?