The Exposed: The Book Isn’t Closed


Hey dudes, here are some additional stolen nudes. The second wave of the exposed celebrities is on the way. More controversy and much more bitter feelings to face with. Again, all eyes are on Apple and its cloud service. This time Apple has decided not to go silent on this one and its iCloud.

Apple’s line of defense is quite a simple one. There is nothing wrong with the system itself. The victims were specifically targeted because of their enormous popularity. They should have known better how to protect themselves and their compromising pictures. There is something wrong with this Apple’s picture.

Without some second thoughts about it you can get the wrong impressions. If you are not a celebrity, then you can get away with a weak password. If you are a celebrity, do not make nude photos or use some other cloud service. Do you still envy the famous people, after this unparalleled nude scandal?

It is a sad thing, though, that certain parts of our naked bodies have done more for the promotion of the adequate IT security than all previous more serious and sinister cyber attacks. Let us not sound ungrateful, shall we? That is what the celebs do. They promote things. It is the IT security turn now.

Collateral Nude Damage


Oh boy, just when you thought the trouble with the celebrity nude photos could not get any worse we heard about the new bad news. It seems that New Zealand had some serious issues with the Internet this weekend. The poor curious Kiwi guys just could not help themselves. They had to see them.

The nude photos of some of the most beautiful actresses in the world. The hackers were waiting for the thing like this one. What a nice opportunity to infiltrate malware and all kinds of trojans. And now you have it. The celebs are in tears, and the users covered with fears. This is a lose – lose situation.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself. So, what can we do about it? Both parties, celebs and we the plebs? Well, we should hold our horses and do our best to avoid the nude photos temptation. On the other hand, do not make movies and nude photos at the same time.

For what is worth, the hackers themselves have nothing to lose with this one. For them it is a clear win – win situation. As you can see some of the most powerful malware and trojan solutions feed on our vanity and voyeurism. Our human code is the strongest programming code. Unfortunately.

The Hungry Nude Games


Nothing will be the same. We know. We will never be safe. We fear. Yet, there is always something good, which can be found more or less in something bad. It is a sad thing that we needed some nice looking nude bodies to raise our awareness about the ugly truth about IT security.

Do not you just love one of the most famous NSA sayings. It goes something like this. If you do not have nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear about. When we apply this one to our iCloud trouble we get something like this. If you do not take nude photos, you do not have to worry about the unwanted exposure.

Or, do not be a celebrity and make nude photos as much as you like. Our dear celebrities can invest some of their money in top security solutions. Of all people they can certainly afford it. Some cyber bodyguards will be more than welcomed in this situation. We live in the digital world. Right?

Yes, we already have an idea. Celebrity IT Security at your services. Protecting your nakedness with our top cyber watchdogs. We can even make a movie. Hollywood cyber detectives. For us it is funny. For our celebrities it is definitely tragic. Enjoy while it lasts. The photos. You got that one right. Right?