Cyber Crime And Business Punishment


Why do we need top IT security for our business? So, that the IT experts can earn more. Why do we hesitate to implement these adequate cyber security measures? Because, they are expensive. Because, they are time consuming. Because, we do not have enough qualified staff to implement it.

Well, we have heard so many excuses that we learned them by heart. On the other hand, there is one piece of statistical information that will make you think twice about these ridiculous excuses. There is something scarier than any known malware or virus, which can be found on the Internet.

Are you ready to face the absolute horror? Here it goes. Customers, clients, users, and others, call them what you want, who have experienced a cyber trouble associated with your business are more than likely to pay a visit to your competitors. In more than 50% of all cases, this will happen sooner or later.

Are you already googling in search for the IT security consultant? If you do not want to do it for yourself, then do it for your customers. If you are not afraid of the hackers, then you should be terrified of your competitors. What a lovely way to motivate businessmen to invest in the IT security. Indeed.

Cyber Threat Alliance


It brings back the feelings of the good old days, doesn’t it? McAfee, Symantec, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks are the heart and bone of the Security Threat Alliance. These four riders are supposed to deliver the apocalypse to the doorstep of some of the most notorious hackers in the cyber world.

The basic premise in this case is actually quite simple and efficient at the same time. If the hackers all over the world can unite, how come we haven’t done the same already? What is keeping us from launching the United IT Security Colors of Benetton? Finally, someone has realized what needs to be done.

The real enemy is out there. The IT security players have finally figured out that there is no point fighting each other. The competitors in the IT security business are not the enemies. Hopefully, these guys can now focus their attention to fixing real problems instead of fighting each other.

The real question is, what is keeping us from making one international security threat alliance? Imagine all IT security experts acting as one. Imagine all IT security companies working on the same task. The trouble is, we need more people with proper motivation than with the unrealistic imagination.

Who Will Guard The Guardians?


Here is the story. Here is the trouble. One of the top ranking US government officials in charge of the cyber security is arrested. OK. Can you leave with that? Can you accept this fact? As soon as you hear the very reason, you will definitely make up your mind about this one, that is for sure.

This cyber guardian faces some very serious criminal charges directly associated with the most recent case of child pornography. When you hear something like this, it simply leaves an extremely bitter taste in your mouth. It comes without saying that he was using his skills for something unspeakable.

So, what are we supposed to do? To whom can we really believe? Is it necessary to thoroughly scan all IT security experts at key decision making positions? We are heart broken, at least to say. And, we know what to ask. This case has to serve as an example. All circumstances are to be included.

This guy has to get an extra penalty. One regular for the crime itself, and something in addition, because he was supposed to protect us, and not abuse his position in the unthinkable way. We need IT guardians of impeccable professional and personal ethic. There is no other way to ensure top protection.