Cheaper Nexus – Better Chances?


As long as the Smartphones Empire is growing at an unprecedented and unparalleled speed there will be so many opportunities to increase profit and attract new customers, which numbers can be measured in millions at least to say. It seems that the luxury and prestige section for the smartphones has been occupied by Apple and Samsung. However, there is an excellent opportunity to make money in this field in the “secondary” markets outside the USA and Europe.

How to approach these markets, which can generate respectable profit through the astronomical numbers of sold devices? As you have probably guessed, its majesty the price itself is the alpha and omega in this matter. You have to carefully balance two things. One is the affordable price, which compared to the premium devices is almost impossible to resist. The second one is a list of respectable features.

For what is worth, Google plans to follow the footsteps of Motorola Moto G and Nokia in the cheaper smartphones zone. Nevertheless, the trouble with the curve for Google is a choice whether or not to use the extremely appreciated brand name Nexus for these low-cost devices. In the short run, a cheaper version with a Nexus name can bring some extra profit. In the long run, the brand itself can be seriously damaged.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself what can or cannot be done in this field. You simply cannot have it both an affordable price and skyrocketing brand. It is more than obvious that all major smartphone players have already focused their target customer groups. There is only one left, though. We are talking about people with a great wish to acquire a Smartphone for themselves, but with the modest purchasing power. Who will win their hearts and pockets is yet to be seen.

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