Google Contact Lens Camera


There are some guys in Google’s development team, who literally adore SF and anything related to it. There is on other way to explain the “sudden” explosion of quite unusual products, which keep pumping out of the Google’s kitchen. We have not quite yet familiarized ourselves with the idea of Google Glass and there is something else equally intriguing – Google Contact Lens with no more no less than a camera (?!).

The funny thing about it is that you will be able to control the camera within lenses by blinking. On the other side, Google is extremely serious about this one. For this case, Google has already patented the concept about contact lenses with a camera. How it will work practically is a completely different issue. What is this, just one version of Google Glasses or a completely genuine product?

The longer you think about it, the less you will be able to imagine a situation where something complex as a camera can be successfully integrated into tiny lenses. Let us not forget to mention some of the extremely controversial ethical issues, which can be associated with this potential product. We have already seen some highly controversial videos made by Google Glasses. Can you imagine what can happen with the “invisible” Google Lenses?

We sure hope that these smart contact lenses will make this world to be a better place for all of us. The last thing we need is to experience first-hand how some of the most pessimistic SF movies have found a fruitful ground among these products. Who knows, maybe the next post on this blog you will read by using your Google Glasses or Contact Lenses.

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