Android Wear Time To Swear


The more we know about it, the more we want to own it. Google OS for smarwatch or better known as Android Wear. This is going to be a heart and soul of any smartwatch, which is going to run on Android. You may play with the design itself, but at the end of the day it is the OS, which is going to say what exactly can you expect.

Let us take a quick peek, shall we? The voice command is something that will immediately grab your attention. You do not have to bother to type like crazy. All you have to do is to address your smartwatch with a gentle voice. In addition, you can rest assured that your commands will be executed smooth and easy.

You can even answer your messages with no need to type not even a single letter. Again, the voice command comes to rescue. For what is worth, these voice commands are still in the test phase. Therefore, you should hold your horses when it comes to your expectations. You cannot have a Star Trek feeling, but you will definitely enjoy it, for sure.

Is Google exaggerating a little bit with its Android Wear? Well, it depends from your point of view. If you have already paid $500 for a smartphone, then it has to be a good reason for you to pay extra $200 or $300 for basically the same thing in a smaller format. Right? If you buy yourself a smartphone with a smaller screen, then it is not likely that you will acquire a smartwatch. Are we right again?

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