Bosnia vs The World


No, we are not referring to the World Cup in Brazil. It may come as a surprise, but Bosnia is the richest country in the world when you take only one criteria into consideration – the number of mobile phones. In Bosnia you have an average of 100 people using 91 mobile phones. As you can see Bosnia is an unofficial winner of the mobile phones world cup.

Here is some additional information to illustrate this intriguing phenomena. For example, in Turkey you have an average of 90 mobile phones for 100 people. For quite a long time China has been considered as one of the leading countries in the world when we take into consideration the average number of mobile phones. It is shocking that they have an average of “only” 89.

It seems that the moral of this interesting story is quite an indicative one. Perhaps when you are examining certain market, you should take into consideration the readiness of people to acquire your product or service, rather than to focus on the amount of an average salary. For what is worth, the citizens of some of the wealthiest countries in the world proved us all wrong about this one.

It is worth mentioning that apparently the smaller a country is, the higher the probability is that more mobile phones will be used by its citizens. One very serious rumor has it that there are some countries, which challenge this ratio with an unprecedented number of devices. Montenegro has more mobile phones than its citizens. One of the least likely places in the world for the mobile phones world cup finals to take place – the Balkans.

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