Look There’s Luuuk!


The guys from the Kaspersky Lab were busy little bees, as usual. This time they have discovered a fraud scheme, which seriously crippled one of the major European banks. We are talking about an impressive amount of more than $500,000, which went into the wrong, but extremely skillful hands of hackers. Are you eager to find out more about this unlawful profitable scheme?

Well, first things first. Let us start with the C&C server and Zeus malware software. Although, it is not quite sure which form of the Zeus malware was used for this particular purpose (Citadel, Spy Eye, IceIX, etc.), the fake banking experts obviously knew which one to choose in order to achieve their financial goals. They also knew how to successfully cover all of their tracks.

Here is the most interesting part of this extremely indicative crime story. The money itself was not transferred to hackers’ bank accounts. Actually, they were able to use temporary accounts and pick up the money by using the ATMs. In addition, they even used various teams to withdraw different amounts of money. Really impressive indeed.

So what is the moral of this story? Well, this does not necessarily mean that you have to run for help and assistance from the Kaspersky Lab Team. You simply have to be aware of the following fact. The bigger you become, it does not mean you will become invulnerable by default. This is a signal for all kinds of thieves out there to keep their eyes on you and your clients. Think about it!

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