E-mail Untold


There are so many things your e-mail can tell about you, which are beyond your control or influence. The very first thing is your location. Your e-mail comes with your IP address. Almost anyone can learn more about your location with the use of the following link: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/visual-tracert/. And, that is not all.

People, who have received your email, can easily run it through various social networks. This is a simple way to determine for which apps your e-mail has been used for registration purposes. All they have to do is to identify your Facebook profile with the help of your e-mail. What possibly more they could have asked for?

Here is one extremely useful site, which can be used to list all networks and websites your e-mail has gone through for the registration purposes: knowem.com. Here is an appropriate word of advice in this matter. Create two e-mails. One for communication and the other for registration purposes. Even a couple of them, if necessary.

Some people have even found a way to make money out of these situations. On http://www.spokeo.com for a few bucks per month you can get a detailed report about an e-mail of your greatest interest. What is the moral of this educational story? The worst enemy, when it comes to your IT security, are you yourself. Think about it.

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