Hackers Hollywood


How real and accurate are the Hollywood movies about hackers and hacking? What is your favorite one? Here are some interesting choices and recommendations mentioned by Dark Reading, which specializes for the security issues and news. It is not only enough to mention hacking, the whole movie has to be about it.

Disney’s Tron and Tron Legacy were definitely all about it. Although, we have to add, this was rather a simplified and romantic story about cyber pirates of the modern age. There is one move worth of our attention in this matter. Swordfish with John Travolta. Nevertheless, this movie was not about him at all from the IT perspective.

With all due respect to IT experts all over the world Hugh Jackman was too good looking for a hacker. You simply do not have computer gigs, who look like models. For what is worth, the timeless classic WarGames is still the number one representative for Hackers Hollywood. Its story is far from outdated, as well.

Last but not least, there are so many documentaries, which do not fit strictly into this category, but provide a nice inside view into the world of hackers. For the time being, Hollywood has some troubles of its own. They are still making a movie about online piracy, if you know what we mean.

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