High-level Talks. High-level Hacking.


Well, when it comes to this one we are not surprised at all. For the next high-level talks between the USA and China the issues associated with the IT security will not be treated as the secondary ones. It seems that the time has finally come to treat IT security with some decent respect it truly deserves.

So, what seems to be the problem here? Maybe it is better to ask, are there any areas which are not under the heavy burden of extremely compromised IT security? Hacking, Internet censorship, corporate data theft, cyber espionage, and you name it, they certainlyy have on their list.

So, what can we expect? Well, if you think that the Chinese are going to apologize and correct all consequences of their previous wrongful doings, then you are at least saying naive. China is the only country in the entire world, which has the capacity to run an entirely independent Internet of their own.

Let us be realistic about this one for a change, shall we? To recognize these problems and give them a top priority shoulder to shoulder with other sensitive political, economy, and military related problems is undoubtedly an impressive achievement. Let us hope they can do a little bit more than just talking and smiling for the cameras.

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