The Philippino Storm


This one you have to hear. It seems that the Internet frauds are as efficient as we are willing to believe them. Yes, they are that simple and shameless, because sometimes we can be so naive that it hurts. So, here goes our story. We are talking about a group of scammers from China and Taiwan.

The Philippines were their base of operations, but they were targeting their countrymen in this case. The funny or sad part of this story is that they were able to convince their victims that the bank accounts used, were under a tremendous jeopardy.  What happened next?

Believe it or not, these poor people bought their story that the safest way for them to save the money was to transfer to this group. Maybe, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to learn some hacking 101. But, to be able to convince people about this one is really a magical manipulation.

So, why did they choose to operate from the Philippines? Well, someone told them that there they will be safe from prosecution there. It was their turn to be ridiculously naive. What is the moral of this story? Do not worry about hackers do your best to detect liars on time.

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