Bank Fraudsters World Cup


It seems that the German football team was not the only trouble to hit the Brazilians this summer. While they were watching their national team’s unparalleled embarrassment, there were some busy little bees with no interest in football at all. So, what happened?

Well, the most popular online banking system in Brazil called Boleto Bancario suffered a serious damage as a result of a malware doings. Unfortunately, the hackers picked up the moment of the greatest possible vulnerability. Yes, they were working like crazy during a match between Brazil and Germany.

As a result Brazilians lost a little bit of their national pride, and a lot of their money. Now, they have to fight back the ugly memories and unwanted financial losses. Could all of these been prevented in the first place? Well, you can eliminate a threat, but you can certainly diminish it.

Can we predict something like this? Absolutely, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to expect that major events attract major security threats with a magnetic force. Someone has to be always on a watch. If we have to watch a game, our software solutions certainly do not have to.

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