Internet Security: Who Is To Blame?


Finally! Someone has spoken our minds on this matter. The troubles with the IT Security are not one month or a year old. Seth Hanford, who is the head of Cisco’s Threat Research Analysis and Communications, has hit the right nerve with his observations. The proper IT Security has only been an illusion all of this time.

What does it mean to be a little bit more precise? Well, for what is worth, the situation with our IT Security has not been worse or better compared to the previous periods of time. The only difference is that we are now more aware about it. We conduct more surveys, tests and analysis. That is actually the only difference in this story.

In other words, it is similar to the situation when someone has accidentally turned on the light after nights and nights of complete darkness. And, we have apparently become aware of our current condition. On the second thought, this does not have to be necessarily bad. How do we dare to come up with such a claim?

Well, now that we are fully aware of all threats and dangers that are waiting for our next move in the cyberspace, we can finally do something about it. Not bad for a change and something that should have been done years and years ago. The old and wise Chinese said something like that a long journey starts with a small first step.

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