Project Zero: Google’s Hero


The Project Zero is an ambitious attempt to introduce the zero tolerance when it comes to security bugs. There will be a special team working around the clock. Something like navy seals behind the computers. They will deliver security bug fixes on a daily or even hourly basis. Then, your vendors will be responsible for timely security updates and patches.

We do apologize for our tones filled with a bitter tone or irony. However, we just cannot help ourselves noticing how this is a convenient way to switch your responsibility and blame someone else. In this case the poor old vendors themselves. So, what can we conclude from this brave new plan introduced by our thoughtful Google?

The next time you face a security threat, you will know who to blame. There has to be a solution for your trouble. Nevertheless, your vendor was lazy to either inform you or deliver the invaluable solution. Google’s busy little bees have done their homework. It is not their responsibility that vendors cannot catch up with them.

So, what is next? Google will create the black list of uncooperative vendors? We will storm the vendors, rather than to deal with the hackers themselves? Why is Google determined to present itself as the protector of the cyber – galaxy? Maybe, because the absolute majority of all attacks comes through the browsers. Who runs the biggest and the most popular search engine in the world?

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