Smart Cars. Ingenious Hackers.


The cars are getting smarter with each new day. We are literally surrounded with smart things. Everywhere you look there is smart this and smart that. Unfortunately, the hackers themselves are smart enough, or very often much smarter. The series of misfortunate events with the Tesla cars has brought to our attention the trouble of car hacking.

Nowadays, it is possible to hack a car just like any other smart device such as a smartphone or computer. The hackers have an opportunity to gain access or even control over your car through wireless tools in it such as radio, Bluetooth, navigation, and similar. What can we do about it? How safe are we in fact?

These kinds of things make you wonder, do we need an antivirus for our own cars? It is an inevitable paradox. The more sophisticated are cars become, the easier it gets to hack them successfully. Hacking on wheels – maybe this should have been the more appropriate title for our post?

For what is worth, we have some new details to take care about the next time we choose our favorite car. We are not talking only about the driver’s and traffic safety, but also about the IT security, as well. It seems that your car’s equipment just got itself an additional category. More job for IT security experts, as well.

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