Simpler, Better, Hacker…


To have an idea that the most successful hackers are top rocket scientists, who at one moment turned to the dark side is at least to say childish. In most of the cases they are educated fools with money on their minds. What is even more important to say they need a helping hand. Who could that be?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the cyber trouble you cannot believe how many times we are the accomplices of our own misfortune. The hackers themselves, on the other side, are practical people who look for the imperfections of the system and the negligence of the users. That is the catch.

Instead of whining about the endangered privacy and compromised cyber security, we can question our own behavior and habits for a change. At least what we can do is to make hackers work harder for their dirty profit. Do not leave them an open door and do not act as if it is not going to happen to you.

We all know these simple truths, and we keep forgetting them all the time. How strong and devastating a cyber blow into your face has to be in order for you to start learning and applying some basic IT self defense techniques? Be a quick doer and a careful listener in this one, will you?

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