Microsoft vs China


The golden road to the Chinese market is definitely covered with thorns. Google has had the honor to experience it first hand on behalf of the first group of the US based IT hunger of extra profit. It seems that Microsoft now has to hit the Great Wall in China, literally and mercilessly.

The Chinese authorities first paused the decision about introducing Windows 8 on its government’s computers. Then, they have decided to pay an unexpected visit to all major Microsoft’s offices all over China. You can rest assured that these were not entirely friendly talks about the weather and local food.

China has a nice alibi for all of these actions. It rides on a wave of the growing global concern closely associated with the spying controversies. However, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see for yourself that something simpler is making all the noise here. Can you give your best shot?

It all comes down to the question of business and money, sooner or later, this way or another. The USA will pressure China with its accusations about the technology espionage, and China itself will fight back with the suspicions about the political spying activities. This is light years away from the win-win situation for both.

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