The Operation Creative


The UK Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit or shorter the PIPCU has recently sent more than 100 letters to the owners of illegal websites demanding two things. The first option is to ensure that their sites are fully legit. The second option is to kindly remove their domain from the Web.

We are not quite sure what was the main idea for the busy little police bees when they come up with a name for this operation. It is called the Operation Creative. How appropriate, indeed. The main goal of this action is to challenge the pirate websites. So, what happened with the results?

According to the available information obtained from the Freedom Of Information the TorrentFreak has found out the following. The police in this action has requested that 75 pirate websites face suspension. However, only 5 of them actually accepted this kind of an unpleasant recommendation.

So, what is the moral of this story? Either it is a good thing to run a piracy website or the police has to change something about its approach. Otherwise, there is no much joy and success in sending the warning letters, is it? Or, maybe they should change the name of their operation.

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