Windows XP An Open Source?


Are you ready to hear an interesting suggestion? It directly refers to the troubles associated with the lack of support for the XP users all around the world. Almost one quarter of all personal computers in the world still run on the XP. The users are stubborn, and Microsoft is extremely frustrated.

You are supposed to move to the new Windows version. However, for some reason you are still using the XP. Microsoft leaves you to be all on your own. The hackers are applauding to this unexpected opportunity to penetrate the systems more easily. Is there an acceptable solution for this situation?

Well, there are some voices saying that the “abandoned” XP should become an open source. This will allow the enthusiastic developers to develop the adequate updates and protection for this outdated OS. Are we too naive to believe that Microsoft will accept this kind of a bold suggestion?

The things are extremely serious with this one. Microsoft even examines an idea to offer free Windows 9 package to all XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. If there is no other way for them to switch to the newest OS version, why not? Under these circumstances the open source concept does not seem as such a bad idea.

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