About The Hackers’ Motivation


Yes, let us ask some questions about the hackers’ motivation. What is in their hearts and minds that made them to do the things they do on a daily basis? We definitely need to know more about our worst cyber enemies in order to defeat them successfully. So, what do we actually know about their motives?

It may come as a surprise, but it seems that the excitement is the main motivation engine for all hackers in more than 50% of all known cases. It is a sad thing to witness so many promising IT careers being destroyed for a little fun and false sense of greatness. What is happening with the position number two?

Well, the hacker’s moral compass takes up to 30% of the entire motivational pie. In some cases, they really believe that what they are doing is justified and for the common good. And finally, the financial factor takes what is left of all remaining percentages in this story. Less than 20%.

So, what is the moral of this story? If we can provide an alternative for the excitement and ensure the sense of rightfulness for hackers, we can solve more than 80% of all cyber attacks before they even appear. Do not blink, and start to think how we can achieve this goal. Hack the hackers’ hearts and minds.

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