Troubles Come In A Legit Disguise


It seems that modern hackers like to read the old books about the military strategy and the art of war. How else we are supposed to explain the sudden change of concept in the master design of the most malicious software? If you examine modern malware, you will notice an intriguing phenomena.

There is no need to attack the system, when you can skip it undetected. Why bother fighting, when you can do your job with a proper disguise. And, this is how we reached the point that top malware looks and works like a completely legitimate software. You realize that something is wrong when it is too late.

The new RAT or Remote Access Trojan for Android really does not have problems when it comes to a successful disguise in both paid and free apps. The more popular a certain app becomes, the more likely is that it carries an uninvited guest with it. So, what are we supposed to do in order to defend our Android territory?

Well, you do not have to be a general to know that new weapons on the battlefields simply call for new strategies and defense measures. If these malicious troublemakers can disguise themselves, then we can and should find a way to scan them properly before they hit the walls of our digital fortresses. Right?

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