Ex Workers + Current Access = Future Troubles


At the very core of every major serious cyber trouble, there is and always be a human related factor or error. Would you be so kind to write down this simple rule a couple of hundreds of times, for your own cyber well-being. Here is something to include in the field of corporate IT security.

You will be surprised to find to which extent ex-employees still have limitless access to almost all of the companies IT infrastructure. In the absolute majority of all cases the people in charge of HR or IT administration are simply lazy to do all what is necessary. Do not jump to the wrong conclusions.

We are not saying that as soon as you leave your company, you will become a vigilante hacker. Yet, who is stopping you to take an advantage of the situation. It is almost impossible to resist when you have a chance for some payback to a company, which fired you in the worst possible moment.

Just as you are required to clean your working desk, someone also has to clean your cyberspace after you. Eventually, the last thing you need is to be blamed for some hacker’s attack on your ex-company, which used your old data. Let bygones by bygones, focus on a new job and new passwords. Right?

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