Manchester United vs iPad


For the sake of all of us, let us be a little bit more precise with this one, shall we? Manchester United has nothing against Apple. They just do not want you to carry your iPad into Old Trafford. In addition, you are not allowed to carry any of the “large electronic devices” with you during the games.

The funny part about this story is that you are allowed to use your smartphone, but not a tablet while the football match is on. Why? Well, it is very likely that the club’s management has realized that something like that would be the mission impossible, literally. So, what now?

Enjoy in your favorite football moments without your tablet. There is a concern that the football fans could record the matches by using their tablets. Yet, they could do the same with their smartphones. Right? It is really hard to find a logical reason for a drastic decision such as this one.

It is a simple and well-known fact that there is no device in the world, which can give you the true feeling and excitement of the live attendance to the football games. That is why this fear of huge sized gadgets seems almost as it is a bad joke. Let us wait and see what will happen with tablets and football, shall we?

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