Oops, the UPS Got Hacked!


No wonder, we have a serious problem about convincing ourselves that we are supposed to feel safe. If the dinosaur system such as the UPS can be hacked, then what can we expect to happen with the other less sophisticated and considerably weaker defended systems? This one makes you wonder.

To make things, being even worse in this situation more than 50 UPS stores in 24 states had some serious issues with the IT security. As a result one percent of all users are very likely to experience some kind of troubles and inconveniences in the future, this way or another. One percent, one may say.

It is not such a big deal. Well, as a matter of fact, it is a gigantic deal. When you have hundreds of millions of users, then even one percentage can be a reason for a serious headache. The guys in the UPS headquarters have plenty of time to discuss what went wrong and eventually why.

Would that be enough? Well, when the gigantic systems fail, then we accept to evaluate our current IT security systems with the highest attention possible. Maybe, some good things will come out of this one, eventually. We sure hope we will not have to wait too long for that. Oops, my dear UPS.

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