Hacking The Ghost Plane


This one you may find a little bit hard to digest. It seems that a group of Chinese hackers attacked the Malaysian Airlines HQ and stole the confidential data about the missing MH370. What in the world they plan to do with this kind of information? Are they going to sell it eventually?

Maybe, the Chinese hackers are eager to solve this mystery on their own? And, this is how you end up easily in the conspiracy labyrinth. Can you hack an airplane and blow it away from the sky? What if someone tries to cover his tracks with this quite unusual hacking activity?

When you ask these kinds of questions, you simply cannot avoid a situation of ending up with the bitter taste in your mouth. Is there some kind of a cyber curse over the Malaysian Airlines? What they need to change all of that? Well, they have to restore our trust as the top priority, that is for sure.

Keep an eye on the Net, will you? Maybe, we will have an opportunity to see some of the top secret unpublished data about one of the greatest missing airplane mysteries in the modern history. Who knows, the Chinese hackers can easily turn out to be truth seekers just like the rest of us.

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