Spying On A Spy?


So, what do you think about this picture? This a nice looking Greenpeace and a bunch of other similar organizations and activists balloon, which is floating over the NSA’s data facilities in Bluffdale, Utah. Why? Well, to draw our attention with the simple sign: The NSA – Illegal Spying Bellow.

How can they do such a thing? Is it illegal? The NSA can call a couple of fighter jets to blow it away from the sky. Yet, here it flies, making itself to be an outstanding object for making fantastic pictures. Can this one change something or is it going to end up its purpose in annoying the NSA guys?

Well, this is hard to say for certain. The main thing is that we are talking and thinking about what the NSA is doing to and with us. And, hopefully something good will come out of it. So, this can easily turn out to be a balloon of hope. However, we should hold our horses with this one and be realistic.

It takes more than one balloon to teach some discipline the guys in the black suits from the NSA. And yet, there is a strong hope that the public pressure can be strong enough to really turn the tide one day. Until then, we will launch balloons, write letters, make movies, and something new you come up with.

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