The Heartbleed Can’t Stop Bleeding


Does it really have to be this way? Once you get a visit of a serious cyber threat, you always have to be on alert. Why can we do it this way? We have identified a new security menace. We will find a cure for it. Now, let us forget about it, and get back to our work. With no fear that a certain malware can trouble us in the future.

Unfortunately, we have to accept the bitter IT destiny. Every now and then, the notorious Heartbleed is to remind us that it is far from retiring. How much more we have to bleed, to be finally free from the Heartbleed, once and for all? It seems that we need more unpleasant reminders, such as this one.

For what is worth, the Chinese Heartbleed warriors are responsible for the unparalleled theft of more than 4,5 million personal patient’s data from one of the largest US hospital chains. Can you imagine that? It is almost like a small state. Now, they can do whatever they want it with no limitations.

When you hear or read something like this, it makes you wonder. What is happening with all those busy little IT security bees in large systems? Have they forgotten to do their job? Or, maybe they think that things like this happen to someone else avoiding them? We are sick and tired of the Heartbleed. How about you?

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