Small Business – Big Trouble


Why would anyone attack our website? We are a small company. Hackers go after large and important business subjects. How many times have you heard an argumentation like this from a small business owner? Unfortunately, too much and too often. Oh dear, these words can get you into trouble.

For hackers there is no such thing as a target too small to attack. Who knows what is in their minds and what kind of a scheme they have prepared for your computer or website? You do not have to spend more money than it is your business worth in the first place for the IT security measures and solutions.

However, you would be surprised how a symbolic investment in this field can have a tremendous influence on your cyber security situation. If you do not want to make a voluntary investment for the IT security purposes, then you must pay to someone to clean up your malware caused mess.

As simple as that. And yet, we keep forgetting or avoiding to apply this simple rule. Until eventually it is too late to talk about prevention, and you are left with no other option than to consider the expensive cyber treatment. Small business needs small IT security in order to avoid big troubles. Remember this one.

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