Hackers Do Care About The Healthcare


Malware is a disease, call a doctor. Under some other circumstances this could have been a nice slogan for some IT security service provider. However, we are eager to discuss something else with you. Why, all of a sudden, the hackers have become so healthcare systems focused?

Maybe, they understand that the health comes first and business second? No, it is not a time for jokes. Yes, it can be that simple. The hackers are.educated fools with the money on their minds. They want to get the most in exchange for their invested money, time and efforts. Very rational indeed.

Now, we can understand their logic and motives with this one. The healthcare data centers are the endless seas of opportunities for hackers. Each healthcare system is an El Dorado of personal data. Just imagine what you can do in the black data market with millions and millions of personal data?

In order to avoid serious medical conditions of healthcare users, who can really get ill when they found out about hacking of their personal data, something needs to be done for real. These systems require serious and efficient IT security therapies for a long and healthy life of all of us. Cheers.

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