HealthCare Hack Was Fair?


Here come our Uncle Sam and he says to us, I have a bad and a good news. Which one you want to hear the first? The bad news is that someone hacked into the HealthCare website. The good news is that no serious or obvious damage has been done. At least what we know or speculate about.

Seriously? Are we supposed to buy this? How in the first place you can hack one of the most important government sites in the country? Maybe, this was an action of some teenage or newbie hacker, who was eager to get some recognition and respect among his or her friends. Some other option?

Russian or Chinese state supported teams were practicing a little bit. Let us stop here, or else. We will get hurt even without the real damage. Or, as a comforting thing we can sing a song, how fragile we are. Now, when we are done with signing let us do some thinking. What can we do about this one?

First things first, the IT security should be among our top priorities. We mean real priorities, not only priorities on our list of wishes. Otherwise, who knows what is next. We may wake up in some other country in cyber terms one fine day. We sure hope that the lesson is being learned properly.

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