Goodwill Bad News


There is no such a thing as a good news in the world of IT security. As soon as you hear about the latest security breach, you are only offered with a choice how many people are being affected by it. This time Godwill was honest enough to admit that almost 900,000 credit cards related data are being stolen in almost 20 countries worldwide.

So, what is going to happen now? Well, you know the drill, don’t you. They are going to say that something is stolen, but no damage is actually being done. Should we trust them? What other option do we have? They say it is going to be fixed and under no circumstances will similar things happen again in the future.

Unfortunately, some of the well-known X Files techniques are to be applied, as well. If you cannot deny, then you have to find someone else to be blamed instead of you. In this case, Godwill believes that the third party vendors are to be blamed for the whole mess. Which is not a nice thing to say, and which also may be or not be entirely true.

Can you maintain a good mood after this bad news about the Godwill? Hard to say, but you still have to play. Maybe, we should appreciate the rare good news when we hear one that a major IT security threat or vulnerability has been prevented or solved successfully. How about that for a change?

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